The must have coat this fall

By Assistant Editor Ashley

robe coat

One of my favorite items in my closet is the bathrobe. It’s just so comfortable! Chances are, if you stop by my house unannounced you might just get to see it. When I saw that the robe coat was a must have this fall my interest was piqued. I love when comfort and style collide! It’s like that time sweatpants became fashionable to wear in public. I give the robe coat two thumbs up and plan on getting one for myself. What jackets and coats are you loving this season?

Click through to see 10 of my favorite robe coats…black robe coat

Black Longline Robe Coat / $105 on sale

camel robe coat

Dark Camel Oversized Wrap Wool Coat / $199 on sale

ivory robe coat

Lightweight Wrap Front Coat / $121 on sale

belted trench coat

Belted Trench Coat / $98

soft robe coat

Soft Wrap Coat / $78

belted wool coat

Belted Wool Coat / $229

short belted coat

Short Belted Jacket / $149

wrap coat

Delancey Blanket Coat / $250

robe coat

Wide Lapel Robe Coat / $229

long robe coat

Long Robe Coat / $99





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