Simple Twist Hairdo in Three Easy Steps

Photos and directions by beauty contributors Molly and Joanna of Irrelephant

easy twist hair-do

Today our beauty contributors are sharing an easy half up hairdo. It’s perfect for summer and a great option for that in-between stage of growing out your hair. This style goes well with any texture hair, although I love how it looks wavy like you’ve just arrived home from a day at the beach. Here’s how to do it yourself in 3 easy steps…

easy twist hair tutorial
 1. Grab a section thats about 3 inches thick. We sectioned around the temple. Split in half.
twist hair tutorial
2. Tease the section slightly (as well as the crown for added volume) then begin to twist both sections.
easy twist hair tutorial
3. Now twist them around each other. Pin to hold while you repeat on other side and then ti both sections together with a rubber band.
Slightly pull the crown section to create volume and spray with your choice of hair spray. Our favorites are Bumble and Bumble Spray De Mode or Sebastian Shaper Spray.
easy twist hair tutorial


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