A Sunroom Oasis Makeover


We have a sunroom that connects between our kitchen and the master bedroom. It overlooks a lot of beautiful trees in the backyard and gets pretty light during the day. I wanted to create a little oasis in there, a place to relax and read, maybe even nurse the new baby when she arrives (in a month!). It’s pretty high up and surrounded by trees so it feels like you’re in a treehouse which is really cool. There are huge windows that we can open up on a warm day too. The biggest part of this sunroom makeover project was filling it to the brim with plants of course. I’ve been especially drawn to tropical ones lately. Plants add so much life to a room and make it really feel lived in and natural. So today, I’m working with Miracle-Gro on putting the sunroom together to give our new houseplants the very best care from the start.


Keep reading to see before pictures and some details on how it all came together…

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Below is what the sunroom looked like before. I had a few different ideas for the space. A play area, a kids art area, a mini photography studio. But with a new baby coming, a little greenhouse oasis seemed the most attractive to me right now.



When researching house plants there are some great ideas for beautiful and easy ones to take care of right here. Then, we picked up plants and pots from a few places like Flora Grubb Gardens and IKEA. That huge tropical Bird-of-Paradise plant was only $19.99 from IKEA. What a steal! I wanted a mixture of sizes, colors, and styles. So we have a few big tropical ones, some leafy hanging plants, and smaller succulents with pops of color.

The first step was adding rocks to the bottom if the pot didn’t already have drainage built in. Then we filled it up about half way with Miracle-Gro® Potting Mix to pot our plants. It’s good to know we’re giving these plants good, nutrient-rich soil from the start. It’s specially formulated for containers and has air space to help roots breath and hold moisture.

greenroom4 greenroom5

After carefully replanting them in the pots, we gave the plants a thorough watering before bringing them inside to the sunroom.


Hanging plants, like the pothos plant, were on my list as well for this space to add different layers and fill empty window space. We screwed a hook into the ceiling and got a pretty pot to place it in. These pothos plants are really easy to take care of and start to grow long vines pretty quickly. We also added a little drape for some added texture to the window space.


Besides plants, we filled the room with a rattan chair and footrest, a sheepskin throw + blankets, a turkish rug, some baskets, books and pillows to make it cozy.


A quick tip: to keep your plants vibrant, remember to feed and water them regularly.


I love how it all came together! Now it’s my favorite place in the house to sit and read a book while feeling like I’m sitting amongst the trees.


Lucky to have a sun room! And you made it look so cute.

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