What to Wear During Your Third Trimester


I’m 34 weeks pregnant and it’s finally hitting me that this little girl is coming, and soon! I’ve only got about a month and a half left and I can feel it for sure. What to wear during this home stretch is difficult because there are so many things that make you feel huge, none of your regular clothes fit (not even underwear!), and comfort is key. Today I’m working with thredUp, an online consignment clothing store filled with brands you love (and a huge maternity section!), to share some tips for what to wear during your third trimester + a thredUp discount code…

ThredUp is the largest online consignment and thrift store which is crazy then that I haven’t heard about them before! It’s a great place to find really nice pieces for the whole family. There is SO much stuff and some really great brands for a total steal. I was impressed with the amount of high end brands. During pregnancy you don’t want to invest in a lot of expensive pieces when you only need them for a few short months so it’s a great option. And I love that they have a whole maternity section. Plus, get 20% off for new customers with code SayYes20, valid through 4/14/16.

And here are some tips for dressing during that third trimester: 

FYI Since the pieces I’ve found here are long gone, I’ve included a few others under each tip that were currently for sale at thredUp when I drafted this over the weekend.


Striped maternity shirts both from thredUp (each under $10)/DIY maternity jeans (tuturial here)/Asos boots

1. Embrace the ruched maternity tops.  I often avoid maternity shirts until the 3rd trimester since many oversized shirts still work for a while. But at this point, ruched tops are the most comfortable and flattering tops around. And all the ruching on the side is really working for you at this point in your pregnancy. Go for all cotton and lots of layers since if you’re anything like me, your temperature fluctuates a lot throughout the day when you’re pregnant. I almost always wear a maternity tank top underneath my shirts as well in case I really get warm.

*Spotted this top  or this one from thredUp

2. Try your husband’s closet.  Take a mens dress shirt (I usually wear a M or L mens shirt at this point), roll up the sleeves, and cinch it with a belt above your belly to wear with some jeans. I started doing this when I was pregnant with Henry and still love it. Being pregnant is about as feminine as you can get so I avoid florals and lace, and instead like to add a little menswear into the 3rd trimester wardrobe. Here’s an old picture of me wearing one of Jared’s shirts from 2007.


Maternity Jeans and striped top from thredUp/Coat from Madewell/thrifted converse

3. There’s no avoiding maternity jeans and leggings now. You may have been wearing your low rise jeans for a little too long but once you slip on your first pair of full panel maternity jeans or full panel leggings you’ll be loving life. Just be aware that maternity jeans aren’t perfect. They tend to sag a bit. Another reason to wear longer tops!

*Spotted this pair from thredUp

4. Find a great trench coat. I wear this one above and below almost every day. It’s not maternity, but I just button up 1 or 2 buttons on top and cinch with the tie above my belly. So nice to finish things off with a piece you love. I have yet to find a maternity coat as cute but I’m still on the hunt!

*Spotted this trench from thredUp


5. Pencil skirts or bodycon dresses with knotted shirts. For me, I’m not comfortable wearing just a bodycon dress (it shows everything), but they’re so comfortable. So, I like taking a chambray shirt or tshirt and knotting it just above my belly over the top of a pencil skirt or bodycon dress.

*Spotted this one or this one from thredUp


Denim dress and hat from thredUp/DIY maternity jeans/boots from Sam Edelman

6. Dresses over skinny jeans. Still going strong since my 2nd trimester but now I’ll usually cinch with a belt or tie so I don’t feel too ginormous. I don’t wear jeans necessarily because the dress is too short, I just like how it looks! Also, sagging jeans? Who can tell under that long dress!

*Spotted these dresses from ThredUp: one, two, three, or this black one

7. Kimono maxi dresses. Perfect for this trimester. Tighter on top, looser on the bottom, and insanely comfortable. Also, I love the v-neck versions, they’re a little sexy! Regular maxi dresses are showing a little too much for my taste at this point. Just be aware that if you’re on the short side like me (I’m 5’4) you maybe need to get your maxi dress hemmed so it doesn’t drag.

*Spotted this one from ThredUp

Thanks to thredUp for sponsoring this post. Find all kinds of pre-owned clothing and accessories in great condition for the whole family right here and get 20% off for new customers with code SayYes20, valid through 4/14/16.


I’m a huge fan of ThredUp- they have so much stuff and great prices. Good ideas in the post too!

Great tips! I scored myself a camel robe style coat, which has done me well throughout my pregnancy and keeps me feeling pretty stylish (I’m currently in week 34 too!). It only uses a belt so any size belly works, and I like that it’s not actually maternity so I can wear it after.

I love all of these tips! I’m currently at 33 weeks and it’s still transitioning from Winter to Spring in Brooklyn so I’m trying my hardest to look put together every day. These tips are amazing and super helpful.

ThredUp has been my jam over the last few months! I’m working on a post with them for tomorrow! I didn’t realize they had maternity though, I’ll have to remember that next time I’m pregnant.


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