20 Wardrobe Essentials We Wear Over and Over

20 wardrobe essentials

I’ve been inspired by all the talk of capsule wardrobes lately. Have you tried one? A simple and carefully edited wardrobe is so attractive to me. In an effort to edit our closets and focus on what we really love, Ashley, Sarah and I are sharing our very favorite items we wear over and over that we’d pick for a capsule wardrobe. Then maybe after this baby I’ll have the guts to actually put one together.

Keep reading to see what items we’d choose…


1. Chunky cardigan jacket. “This cardigan from Everlane is a good weight and color to mix and match with everything.” – Sarah


2. Crossbody bag. “I spent forever looking for a simple, high quality crossbody bag that I loved until I found this one from Goodwest Co (although I had her made a slighter larger version for me). I don’t think I’ll ever get another again, it’s perfect.”- Liz


3. Ankle boots. “In SF you can get away with wearing boots most of the year. This pair from Free People are great with jeans but also dresses when it warms up.”- Sarah


4. Vintage Levi’s. “Levis are classic! I like when they’re worn in a bit so buy them vintage like these, or do the wear’n in yourself.” -Sarah

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 9.04.07 AM

5. Clogs. “Clogs are my new favorite shoe to dress up any daytime look. They are surprisingly comfortable and go great with most things” – Ashley (pair above from Sandgren)


6. Boxy Tee. “I’m obsessed with this one from Everlane. It’s a called the u-neck and I’m always searching for it in my closet.” – Liz


7. Tank dress. So versatile (even while pregnant) but doesn’t hug too tight. Comfortable, easy to layer and dress up or down. And my favorite one here is on sale!


8. Cropped sweater. “I’ve always got a cozy layer like this one on heavy rotation. Great with a pencil skirt or high waisted trousers/jeans.” – Sarah


9. Denim shirt. “I love the asymmetric look of this denim shirt. With jeans, clogs and a necklace this look is great for lunch with friends.” – Ashley


10. Boxy vintage denim jacket. I bought mine from a consignment store and wear it all the time over dresses or with jeans for a little denim on denim love. You can find some great ones on ebay.” – Liz (image above)


11. Black, skinny high rise jeans. “This pair from Madewell are the best fit I’ve found for my body. They’ve got a good amount of stretch but never lose their shape and the high waist is flattering for us not so tall ladies.” – Sarah


12. Black and white Nike’s. “These are my favorite run around shoes. Wearing tennis shoes doesn’t have to be dorky! Pick a pair that’s black or neutral and you’ll have the sporty chic look down.” – Ashley 


13. Striped tee. “The striped tee has been in style for over a decade with no sign of slowing down its rotation in my wardrobe. This one from Saint James is great quality and the perfect fit. ” –Liz


14. Lightweight puffy jacket.  “Both Ashley and I picked this same jacket from Uniqlo. It’s perfect for the windy bay area and folds up super small to fit in your purse. Mine’s in off white, Ashley’s pick is black. ” –Liz

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 7.42.54 PM

15. Chelsea boot. “I wear this pair almost every day. They’re super comfortable, go with everything (including dresses) and are pretty much the perfect boot in every way. Also this Frye pair is amazing in brown.”-Liz


16. High waisted trousers. “I can get in a rut with jeans so I’m digging the culotte trend as they suit my shape and look a little dressed up and modern. This pair is nice with sandals or some fun heels.” – Sarah

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 7.23.48 PM

17. Soft leather oxfords. This pair from Frye: they’re so comfortable and look amazing with sneakers or that tank dress above. And the leather is buttery soft- I love them! –Liz


18. High waisted jeans. “My Madewell jeans are my all time favorite because of the great fit, comfort, and durability. As a mom, I always go for the the high waisted jeans as well because I love the style and how they hold me all together.” –Ashley


19. Soft t-shirt. A nice soft t-shirt is simple and goes with everything. This one is ultra comfy. Love the tank version too. – Sarah


20. Tent dress. “I love the classic chambray of this one. It’s great on its own, or even over jeans. I have a very similar one, also from American Apparel, and wear it all the time” – Liz


love all of these.
where is the white top from the very first photo from??


Looks like the link to the cardigan and chambray dress don’t work!

Dear Liz, it’s very inspiring to see your essentials – I tend to reduce and simplify my wardrobe, to follow my aspiration for a simpler life. I have also reduce clothes colors to neutral : white, grey & navy blue – with funky accessories, that’s enough for me.

Have a nice week-end !

I’ve been doing a capsule wardrobe for a couple years now. Every one of your best pieces are in my closet- plus a couple of flannels. I totally agree these styles are all must haves. Transition to less seems really difficult in the beginning, but after you set your style and get the hang of it, it’s awesome. There is so much more thought and intention to my shopping.

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