Tips for Temporary Hair Color

By beauty contributors Molly and Joanna of Irrelephant

We’re all a bit braver in our minds, aren’t we? We all have this daydream of having a fun color peaking out of our hair but going to the salon and having to bleach our hair to get the permanent results is a bit intimidating. There are many temporary hair colored sprays and hair chalks on the market, but some can be a bit expensive. We had heard a rumor about using your everyday eyeshadow as a quick and effective way to add some fun to your hair for a day (or a couple hours) and we gave it a try. Might be a fun to add just a touch of pink, like we did here, just for Valentine’s Day!

The biggest tip we came to find is adding a primer to the hair for the shadow to stick to. We applied shadow on strands with primer and without primer, we noticed a big difference. The Naked eye primer was a good option for this, but any primer will do. The point to the primer is having a coat for the shadow to stick to AND for the color to come out brighter. Especially for the dark haired girls! Beware, hair becomes a bit sticky 🙂
We used Elf large multi colored eyeshadow palette that we found last christmas for $10! We used a few options of pastel pink and the most neon pink on the palette, same with the blue hue.
We simply applied with our fingers on thin sections of hair after the primer had been applied. We left the color on for the day and it seemed to last for the rest of the night! It is a bit messy but super fun!
For those who want to apply on quicker, we suggest Bumble and Bumble Spray Chalk
If you decide to go with the classic hair chalk, try adding some white chalk on the strand beforehand. This acts like a primer to brighten up the color!


You can also use artist chalk for temporary color. It may have a slight drying effect for some but it doesn’t need any primer to be applied and look awesome.

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