Thanks for all your resposes! Here’s to more sizes, because I have to say I love nearly 100% of the styles posted and that is a huge part of how disappointed I felt, so I am really looking forward to this 🙂

I love this column in theory but I feel the more accurate caption is Fab Finds for sizes 0-2, since literally the last five links I have clicked on, those are the only sizes available. I understand limited sizing is probably why it’s on such a steep discount but it does make this column a bit of a farce in my book.

Hey Rebecca! I understand your frustration. It’s really hard to control what’s in stock and how long it will be, especially when it’s a great item and at a great price. It’s kind of a hit or miss, but I don’t think calling the column a ‘farce’ would be a fair statement.

Hi Liz, thanks for responding and I will concede that farce is on the harsher side but do you really look at available sizes before you select an item to list? Or do you find something cute, and the price is right and post? There is no onus on you to do the former of course but my experience has been frustrating with this column when I like something that requires larger sizes so I’m curious how clothing is picked.

Hi Rebecca! This is Ashley, just thought I’d chime in since I write the weekly Fab Finds column. I try and take note of sizes when I’m picking pieces. For example there was a pair of jeans I didn’t include in Friday’s round up because they only came in size 24. As a standard I try to make sure there are at least 2 different sizes available. However, things move fast and that sometimes changes even by the time the post goes live (usually 12 hours later). I’m sorry that you’ve been frustrated with this column. In the future, I plan on trying to select more pieces that have a range of sizes available. Thank you for speaking up!

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