Holiday Garland Hair

By beauty contributors Molly and Joanna of Irrelephant

With this tutorial, you have your choice of adding a bit of holiday to your do! We chose this brass simple garland for our hair accessory. It wrapped completely around the hair like a little crown while we just pinned back the sides for a little extra something. We also paired it with a pretty red lipstick and felt ready for our family gatherings this holiday season!
Keep reading for the how to…

1. Begin by curling hair in 1 inch vertical sections throughout head.
2. Break up the curl with hands by shaking hair.
3. Backcomb from back of head, sides and top creating massive volume!
4. Place your choice of simple garland, holiday flowers in middle of top of head. Pin securely. (Our garland was leftover mantle garland from Anthropologie last year). Leaving front two side sections in front of garland.
5. Grab one side and twist or braid to pin right where the garland meets. Or you can continue it to the back of head creating a true half up half down. We just pinned on the side. Repeat on other side.
7. Fluff left over hair with a bit of backcombing for big wavy volume.
8. Spray with your choice of hairspray and enjoy!


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