20 gifts under $50 for your Best Friend

By Ashley Aikele

best friend GIFT GUIDE

How’s your holiday shopping coming? The days are ticking by and the countdown is on! Check out all our gift guides for some options to get the ideas flowing. Meanwhile, here are 20 gifts under $50 for your best friend… (also a good list to pass over to your significant other if he needs any hints).

1. Soft things are automatically 10x times cuter than non soft things, making these gloves a guaranteed hit!
2. I love giving and getting candles because they are something beautiful for the home but also functional!
3. You can never go wrong with a simple necklace as a gift. Madewell is my favorite place for such necklaces.
4. I love the visual appeal of this wall calendar.
5. Hand book ends. To hold up all the books you’ve given her in the past.
6. An interesting coffee book always makes a fun gift and “The Sartorialist” would be a blast to flip through.
7. A cute mug with some her favorite tea or coffee is a simple yet appreciated gift.
8. I know I can never have enough journals and notebooks, chances are she’s the same way.
9. The most feminine little gift box you can find!
10. A magazine subscription is always a fun gift. Get her Kinfolk for something pretty to look at and interesting to read.
11. Buy her that bold red lipstick she’s been wanting to try (and buy yourself one too).
12. Backpacks may remind you of school days but their function and style make them the perfect gift. Bonus, load it with her favorite treats and goodies.
13. For your sophisticated friend who braves the cold to work every day, leather gloves.
14. I fell in love with the brand “& Other Stories” on our trip to Europe. Our airbnb was stocked with their lotion and soap and I couldn’t get enough.
15. This leather clutch has the perfect amount of detail and class.
16. Get her that hat you’ve always known she’d look amazing in. She’ll have no choice but to try it out!
17. These days the scarfs are doubling in wraps which means this gift would make a two for one.
18. Can’t go wrong with a beautiful wall calendar.
19. Cozy cute socks may seem like a lame gift but not if you are on the receiving end! I never say no to new socks.
20. Add some fun polish to her collection with a new trendy color or glitter polish. Also pairs great with gift number 19.


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