Two Looks for Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means lots of cooking, baking, traveling, and holiday attire. Hooray! I love it all. Sometimes the outfit is the last thing we think about with all the other preparations on our to-do list, so we’ve cooked up some ideas for you. Today we’re sharing two different outfit ideas for Thanksgiving this year: one dressy and one a bit more casual. Both are styled around Coach’s Regina Bootie found on Zappos, who we’re partnering with for this post.


This first look is a little more casual. Still dressed up, but cozy and comfy. We choose a dressy jumpsuit, a structured shawl, and brown fedora hat to pair with the Coach Regina Boot. Jumpsuits are such a great item this season. They’re so versatile and great for expanding waist lines after a big meal. I love how the jumpsuit hits right above the boot so you can really show both off.


The Coach Regina Bootie can be found on Zappos. It’s a classic boot that pairs well with everything from jeans to a formal dress. Such great quality and perfect heel height. Zappos is my go-to spot to shop for shoes for the whole family and all other kinds of items too like clothing and accessories. With such quick delivery, great customer service and returns, it’s a no brainer.


The second look is for a more fancy, elegant Thanksgiving. Sarah pinned up her hair in a pretty side ‘do, wore a vintage floral dress, and vintage pearls paired with the Coach Regina Bootie.



You brought us a pumpkin pie?? Oh, Sarah, you’re too sweet!

What are you wearing for Thanksgiving? Something fancy or more casual? Would love to hear your ideas.

Thanks to Coach and Zappos for sponsoring this outfit post. Photography by Liz Stanley. Modeling by my lovely assistant Sarah Iveson. 


Love the contrast of the dressing down and the dressing up with the same shoes. The colors of the vintage dress are just my style with the darker shoes. Love it!

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