20 Gifts Under $50 for your Man

By fashion editor Ashley


It’s gift guide time again! Have you started your holiday shopping yet? I always start my Christmas shopping off with looking for things for my husband because he seems to be the trickiest one to shop for. I’ve already gotten him one thing off this list and I considering getting two or three more.

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Graphic illustration by Liz’s sister, Becca Ricks.

  1. A mini drone. I just got this for my husband for his birthday and it was a hit! Men love toys, at any age.
  2. Minimal playing cards for the minimal guy who loves to play cards.
  3. For his desk, for his nightstand, this clock doesn’t just sit and look good it tells time too.
  4. The manliest book around, a beard book.
  5. Even if your man doesn’t like to write he will after you get him this notebook.
  6. The perfect tablet stand. Stylish enough for you and practical enough for him!
  7. These wool gloves will keep his hands warm to and from work and when he’s taking out the trash.
  8. It’s important to keep your man hydrated and it doesn’t get cooler than staying hydrated with a wood water bottle?
  9. Binoculars. Great for watching sports or birds.
  10. Because what guy ISN’T obsessed with Star Wars?
  11. For the clean cut.
  12. Does your man complain about a bulky wallet? Then try getting him this slim version.
  13. Not more fighting about who has to turn out the light, just get him this wi-fi operated light switch. Genius!
  14. DIY Ukulele for the musical man who likes to build.
  15. A whole book about Bill Murry! What’s not to love?
  16. This duffel bag is practical for trips to the gym and stylish enough that you can borrow it!
  17. Upgrade your mans Lego set from when he grew up with these wood Legos. Perfect for and work and home.
  18. The stylish, yet practical, laptop case!
  19. A super thermos. Perfect for the outdoor lover or man on the go.
  20. Nobody hates a comfortable and stylish hoodie. Nobody.


Thank you for this awesome (and early!) gift guide, Ashley! I totally love all the gift guides on Say Yes!

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