What’s in Your Purse?


The other day Sarah and I were both talking about how the contents of our purses are completely different when we go out at night vs. running around with kids during the day. I’ve talked about favorite items in a diaper bag before, but thought it might be fun to share the contents of our purses for when we’re headed out without kids…

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With Zappos, it was really easy to sort and search for the perfect bag. Their categories are very specific and there’s so much product on there, you can find something for everyone. The shipping is always so quick and returns are a breeze. It’s our go-to spot to find some many items we need. Coach has a new collection of Swagger bags right now. This one is the Swagger Wristlet. It’s the perfect size. Small, but still hold a wallet a few other essentials. The quality is beautiful and they’re one of those classic pieces that will stay in rotation forever. Coach also has these Swagger Carryalls that are beautiful as well.


Between Sarah and I, here’s what we found in our purses:

1.  Reading glasses. Sarah, “My father in law got these for me. They have a really mild prescription for when I’m staring at the computer for hours but I kind of want to wear them all the time, they’re so good looking”.

2. Sunglasses. I’m always losing them so I’m constantly buying cheap ones at the gas station on road trips. I found these at a gas station on our drive back from Sacramento a couple weeks ago.

3. Small coin purse. We both have a similar technique. When we’re headed out and we don’t need to bring much we hate carrying our whole wallet. Often we grab a credit card, ID, and a few dollars instead and throw them into a small coin purse (or no purse at all!).

4. Keys, gum and pencil. Essential items you always need and are always searching for.

5. Lip gear. Essential. We were in agreement that we usually have one lipstick and one type of balm or chapstick in our purse. My favorite for the purse are these mini lipsticks and Sarah loves this lip balm.

6. Mini Perfume. Sarah had this brilliant mini perfume in her purse, “Sometimes you just need a little spritz of something before walking into a restaurant!”

7. Crayon and lego. These always end up making their way into my purse no matter what.

8. Receipts. I throw them out of my purse by the handfuls each week.

9. Crushed pretzels in a ziplock. Doesn’t everyone have this in their purse?


What’s in your purse??

Thanks to Zappos and Coach for sponsoring this post. Photography by Liz Stanley. Modeling by Sarah Iveson


Always lip balm and a snack!

On a side note- How does Sarah get her hair looking fabulous. I too have similar curls. Would love to hear any tips!


always always rosebud salve for dry lips and cuticles, a pair of spare headphones in case i need to zone out, an unpaid parking ticket, dog treats, and some ginger chews.

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