50’s Inspired hair for Halloween

By beauty contributors Molly and Joanna of Irrelephant

This is the perfect tutorial if you’re wanting to try out our Grease costume this year. If curls are intimidating to you then make it a girls night and have a friend come over to help out. This tutorial is the main technique for bouncy 50’s curls but it can translate into any costume that requires big mess hair.
Keep reading for directions…

– Grab 1 inch sections and begin to curl (Sectioning really doesn’t have to be precise, but we recommend to start at the bottom with horizontal sections moving upward). Start curling the piece in the middle, twist as you pull the rest of the hair in the curling iron, then finishing rolling towards the root.
– Once curled grab with finger and roll it back in to pin
– Once you get to the top/front, section temple to temple and diagonally split to section. This is to create the front bang with volume.
– Continue to curl and pin.
– When all is curled, let sit to set. In the meanwhile we recommend doing your make up to make sure the curls set well.
– Starting at the bottom, begin releasing the set curls.
– With a teasing comb begin backcombing the curls
– Continue to do so until all curls are teased and messy. Spray as you go (we like Tresseme).
– Now come back to the front and focus on teasing the bang section to create volume.
– Pull back bang area and push upward, then pin. Tease leftover hair
– Repeat on other side (the pulling back and pushing upward technic helps with the bump volume.
– Continue to spray and tease to create a big messy set of curls!


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