Harper and Bay Nursing Dresses

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Other moms will probably agree with me here: dressing in breastfeeding convenient clothing can be a huge challenge. I have (and maybe you do too) countless v-neck tees that are stretched out, and ridiculous stories about having to hide out in bathroom stalls to nurse because I realized thE dress I was wearing required getting naked to feed by baby.  This familiar conundrum is the brilliance behind the mission of Harper and Bay. It’s a brand new clothing company that sells beautiful dresses made for nursing mothers. So smart! Each piece has a convenient hidden zipper along a seam (like the one above) or a nursing cover built in.

nursing dress

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You can read more about Taisja and her vision with Harper and Bay here on their kickstarter. I know Taisja personally and have seen how much hard work and dedication she’s put into this company so I’m so excited to help her spread the word about it.
There are three different styles of dresses:

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1. The Crop Top Dress in both pencil and skater style skirts with a nursing shield/crop top that easily comes up with a convenient tank to nurse with underneath.

harper and bay

2. The Raglan Sleeve Dress (my personal favorite) with an invisible zipper along the sleeve seam

harper and bay

3. The Swing Dress with a invisible zipper along chest seam

nursing dress

All dresses come in a variety of colors and you can pre-order them on kickstarter right here.

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harper and bay

harper and bay


Aren’t they brilliant?

Which dress is your favorite? Check them out in more detail here at Harper and Bay

Photography by Robyn Kessler for Harper and Bay


As a woman who wears dresses almost exclusively, this is AWESOME! I’m not pregnant (yet! hah!) but it’s so great to know that there are wonderful options out there for when the time comes!

Boob is a mother nursing dress brand; they actually make an entire line of clothing that can be worn while pregnant, nursing, and even beyond nursing. They’re also organic cotton versus conventional cotton.
The dresses above are cute, but zippers?! My child would have had those figured out in NO time! lol

These look soo comfortable. That is key to a new mom too! I love the white dress!

Analog House
Love is the longing for the half of ourselves we have lost

I’m sewing myself some dresses a bit like these right now! I made a few things with my last baby too-there is so little to buy that is both practical and appealing to me in colour and style. But these I love! Now to convince Husband I need another dress…

Beautiful! And with a hidden zipper maybe you could buy (or keep wearing) one after baby stops nursing. The chest seam seems the easiest but the sleeve seam would be my choice.

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