A Bike Ride to the Rose Garden


We live right by the Rose Garden, which is such a beautiful (and aromatic!) spot in Golden Gate Park here in San Francisco. On Fridays, which is my day off, Edie and I often will stop there on the bike on our way to music class which is on the other side of the park. Here are some photos of one particular outing there…


I look forward to my Fridays with Edie. Last school year we would volunteer at Henry’s school in the morning (hopefully we’ll continue to this year), and then hop on the bike and explore the park a bit before heading to music class on the other end of the park. Edie loves the bike! She gets so excited when we pull it out of the locker in the garage.



Edie’s wearing this a top by Matilda Jane called the Lucia Shabby Top. I get overwhelmed with patterns in girls clothing, but when paired with something simple and not dolled up too much, I think it can be really sweet and fun to experiment more with color and pattern.


Today we headed on the bike to the Rose Garden. This time of year it’s beautiful and amazingly fragrant. Edie loves to poke her nose and smell the roses.





We also love to collect pedals (last year we made a fun craft with them!) or make flower crowns.


There’s a nice lawn to sit on so sometimes we’ll stop and have lunch here in the Rose Garden before heading to her music class. Edie could eat berries all day long. She goes through phases with them-right now she’s into raspberries and blackberries.




Time to head off to music class on the bike! Thanks for following along on our little outing.

This post is sponsored by Matilda Jane. Check out their fun pattered clothing and their new Kayla Backpack for back to school. Also! Matilda Jane is donating the August proceeds from sales of the Lucia Shabby Top to the Mighty Acorn Foundation (up to $50,000).


What a beautiful spot. I’ve never actually visited the rose garden in Golden Gate Park. My girls love roses (they couldn’t get enough of the International Rose Test Garden in Portland) so I think we’ll have to stop by next time we’re in the park 🙂

Yes! You’ll have to come check it out especially in early summer when it’s in full bloom but it’s always lovely

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