A two minute mom pony

By beauty contributors Molly and Joanna of Irrelephant


To all the mom’s that want to have style but have less than 30 seconds to do anything to themselves. And to all the mothers out there that haven’t showered, this one’s for you. No really, the dirtier the hair the better! (watch out for the grease though, we don’t want that. Dry shampoo is your best friend!) We came up with a simple and cute way to pull your hair up in a low side pony. You can do this straight back too, but we like it swept to the side for a little bit of femininity!
Keep reading for directions…

1. Start with natural texture. Braiding your hair the night before will give you a no frizz wave.
2. Tease the crown just a bit. (spray some dry shampoo, too!) This will help separate the oils if you have oily hair!
3. Bring the hair to the side you prefer and section in two sections.
4. Tie these sections into a knot.
5. Repeat the knot, creating two knots total.
6. Now tie a small hairband under the two knots.
7. Fan open the lower knot a bit over the hairband to hide it. Pin the fanning if needed.
8. Spray and enjoy!



This looks like it would work well with my super long hair, especially in my heat. I’ve always tied it up but haven’t secured it with a band before. Thanks for the tip!

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