What to wear on the Fourth of July

By fashion editor Ashley

what to wear on the 4th of july

I don’t know about you but we spend our Fourth of July’s outside, all day, in the hot hot sun. I’ve made a round up of what you can wear to help you stay cool and stylish at the same time. Here is the best way to beat the heat on the fourth!

Dress: Forgo the shorts and wear a skirt or dress. You’ll stay cooler and more comfortable for the long haul.

Hat: Wear a straw hat that breaths and will give you some shade from the relentless sunshine.

Tote: Since you’ll most likely be out and about all day, bring a big tote that you can keep extra water, sunscreen, snacks etc in.

Sandals: Wear a comfortable sandal so that your feet can breath and stay happy. Bonus points if you can slip your shoes off and on easily.

Scarf: Pack a scarf or light jacket for when the sun goes down. Or to drape over your knees after they’ve been in the sun a few hours.

Sunglasses: Trade your old pair of glasses for something new and trendy. This can be an easy (and cheap) way to update your fourth of July look and keep the sun out of your eyes.


Love the idea of a dress to stay cool, that heat can kill you and make you more tired and not ready to party!

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