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Excited to feature the elegant mother of two, former lawyer, and style blogger Alexandra Singer for today’s stylish mom. Alexandra blogs at In Jackie’s Shoes about all things fashion and has an iconic, fun, sense of style (I mean, check out this dress she just got). A former east coast resident, Alexandra now lives in San Francisco with her husband and two children.
Produced by Ashley Aikele. Photography by Megan Tsang.
Keep reading for what Alexandra’s tips and what she splurges on…

Who or what inspires you to be a stylish mom?
I come from a long line of women who won’t leave the house without looking nice.  My ninety-five year old grandmother (who had six children!) still looks impeccable every day.  It is important to me to look pulled together, even when I’m not feeling it.  I love jeans and yoga pants as much as the next gal, but I still want to look polished.  When I’m wanting to up the ante, I love to wear culottes.  They are more versatile (and easily wearable) than a skirt and make you look more polished (even if you’re still wearing a tee shirt and sneakers).  I tend to wear oversized bags (always with a shoulder strap).  After having kids, the days of handheld purses were officially behind me (except for a night out, of course).  And I love to splurge on a handbag I can wear over and over.  It helps me feel pulled together (and like I have a place for the thousands of things it seems you need to carry when going to and fro with small children).

What is one favorite piece in your wardrobe that is both practical for a mother and stylish?
My favorite piece in my wardrobe that is both stylish and practical for a mother is my Valentino Tango pumps.  They have a very small heel, so I can actually walk in them (even on the hills of San Francisco), but they make any outfit look chicer.

What would you consider your go-to ‘momiform’ to be?
My go-to “momiform” would be jeans and an Isabel Marant top (I wear them year after year, as they never go out of style!) with flat espadrilles.
Have you splurged on any item in your postpartum wardrobe?
I splurge on my handbags.  Even my diaper bag was chic.  Given how much you have to carry around, and that you cannot ever leave home without a handbag when you have kids, I save up for nice ones.  They make me feel more presentable, regardless of what I’m wearing them with.
What beauty product can you not live without, and why is it your favorite?
I cannot live without Cle de Peau concealer.  It is the most amazing at covering dark undereye circles and splotches.
What is something you do for yourself everyday?
I take some time to get re-inspired every day.  Whether it’s just some quiet time after my kids go to bed, or keeping a Gratitude Journal, or reading something inspirational, I like the end the day on a high note, while getting prepared for all that the new day will bring.
 favorite sneaker: for running, Nike; for fashion, Adidas Stan Smith
favorite casual dress: Isabel Marant makes great flirty dresses; I also love J. Crew
Old reliable pair of jeans: AG Legging jeans— they have perfect stretch and a very flattering cut
favorite place to vacation: Santa Barbara, CA
band on permanent rotation: Coldplay
go-to accessory: A big, chic handbag
color or black and white: black and white with a pop of color somewhere


I was saddened by this piece. It sounds like this mom’s secret to stylish dressing is mainly spending a lot of money. It didn’t feel relatable to me.

We try to have a wide range of moms on here so I guess not everyone will feel like they can relate to everyone but I agree, she has expensive and beautiful taste!:(

This is my favorite stylish mom so far! She’s so chic and a (good) departure from others featured. I have a new blog to read now and (mom) fashion role model!

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