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I’m so excited to feature Jeanne today, founder of Shop Sweet Things, a lifestyle blog on stylish living. Jeanne’s mission for her site is to inspire others to achieve a lifestyle that is confident and effortless without giving up on style. Aside from her blog, Jeanne is also launching a new business later this year, Harlow & Grey, focusing on stylish paper partyware for kids parties and beyond. Jeanne’s ideal afternoon in San Francisco would be a visit to the California Academy of Sciences, lunch at the De Young Museum, and then watch her kids chase the birds at the Music Concourse.

Jeanne, tell us about your everyday style!

I’m really into comfort and simplicity when in comes to my everyday outfits. People say the key to living in SF is all about layering, but I’m the opposite. For me, the less layering, the better! I just don’t have the time to plan my outfits like I used to before I had kids. I love quality basics these days like a good sweatshirt that is a little bit more fitted. I’m also really into neutrals like grey, cream and black. I suppose it goes really well with bright red/orange lipstick, which adds instant chic and style. I’ve also found myself investing more on shoes and jewelry as well, it’s what makes the outfit and personal style unique.

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Produced by Ashley Aikele. Photography by Linh Pham

What is one favorite piece in your wardrobe that is both practical for a mother and stylish?

A shirt-dress that is rich in texture and comfortable.


What would you consider your go-to ‘momiform’ to be?

At the moment, I’m all about embracing the “athleisure” trend. I love pairing sweatshirts/pants with cool sneakers or nice shoes/booties that can get me from taking my daughters to school to going to press events, all without looking too made up or trying too hard.

What is something you do for yourself everyday?

Skincare! My goal is to wear less makeup and feel naturally radiant. Applying less make-up will save time in the morning too.

For moms on a mission to rebuild their wardrobe, what are 5 staple pieces you’d recommend?

1. Easy tunic shirt
2. Pair of well-fitted jeans
3. Pair of black loafers or booties
4. Fitted sweatshirt
5. One-piece shift dress or shirt-dress


What kind of fashion advice do you have for postpartum, in-between sizes new moms?

Your body will change after the baby, especially after nursing, so don’t splurge on a new wardrobe until you are settled into your new body. Spend less on clothing and more on quality accessories while in transition. Think shoes, bags, jewelry and even makeup!

Do you have a beauty regimen or beauty product you swear by?

Applying essence in between your toner & moisturizer. It really seals in the moisture and balances out the tone of your skin.


favorite sneaker: Adidas
favorite comfy boot: Freda Salvador
favorite casual dress or skirt: Lou & Grey
old reliable pair of jeans: Levi’s
favorite place to vacation: Locally: Napa. Overseas: Hong Kong (my hometown) or I’d love to go back to Italy.
band on permanent rotation in my spotify: Not a band, but the Frozen soundtrack is on heavy rotation with my girls. And Taylor Swift.
your go to accessory: Dainty jewelries
color or black and white: Depends on my mood.


Wow, you are really one stylish mom. I adore you! <3 Btw, my name is Gail. Hope we could be friends. 🙂

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