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By fashion editor Ashley
what to pack to scandinavia

My husband and I are leaving on a trip this weekend to Scandinavia, specifically Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. I’m so excited but of course the overwhelming question I’ve had over the last few months is… WHAT WILL I PACK?! I’ve come up with a simple tip to making packing easier as well as a round up of things I’m taking. I would also love any last minute advice on things we must do and see there if you have any! Thanks!

keep reading for my simple trick and links to the roundup above…

what to pack

Usually when I pack I go straight to my closet and start pulling out the things I want to take. Then I sit and debate between “this piece” and “that piece”. This time I decided to do something different. I sat in the front room, away from my closet and made a list of each category of clothing I was planning on bringing, for example, outerwear, pants, tops, shoes, sweaters etc. I then started writing down the pieces I wanted to bring in each category. This made things so much easier because the things that came to mind were of course my favorite pieces, I wasn’t overwhelmed by having to visually and physically weed through my whole closet. This also helped me know how much I was bringing and where I could cut down or add too. Here are the links to what made my list (minus the essentials like socks, underwear, etc).

one | two | three
SWEATERS: one | two | three | four
DRESS: one
TOPS AND TEES: one | two | three (mine) | four | five | six
PANTS: one | two | three | four
SHOES: one | two | three | four
ACCESSORIES: beanie | hat | scarf | scarf | backpack


Great post! I hope you’ll do a trip recap here after you return. I feel like I need the sweater you’re wearing in the photo in my life. Where is it from? Thanks!

A recap would be fun! My sweater is from Uniqlo. I just found it there on sale a few weeks ago for $15. So yes, you DO need it!

Wow what a find, thank you. And they have free shipping for memorial day weekend 🙂

Yeah! Welcome to Sweden! Remember to pack some fancy clothes for a night out too – Swedes usually dress very nice and are know to be very fashion forward. I love begin in Stockholm people watching!

Good to know! I will add it to my list! I always love an excuse to dress up 🙂

have so much fun Ashley! we are excited for you guys. love your wardrobe ideas.

If you need some reading material, I just finished “The Almost Nearly Perfect People: Behind the Myth of the Scandinavian Utopia” by Michael Booth …. it’s hilarious, but also quite interesting.

That sounds perfect for our trip! Thank you! Downloading now….

Hi! As a Finnish reader I would be especially keen on what makes the Scandinavian countries interensting to you? According to what I´ve experienced not that many Americans know about the Nordic countries… About the packing: you need to have both warm and light clothes; summers in Scandinavia can be cold, but they can be extremely hot, too. And welcome to Finland as well, there is a one night ferry connection from Stockholm to Helsinki… 🙂

I think it all started when we found very reasonable direct flights from Oakland and then the more research we did the more we fell in love. Scandinavia seems like a good balance of outdoors, art, design, and history. Can’t wait to experience it all! I didn’t realize we could get to Finland so easily! Maybe I’ll have to sneak it on to our itinerary.

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