Sister Style: Part 2


Last week I shared some photos from a shopping trip my three sisters and I had with Maurices. We had so much fun pulling together outfits and all four of us squeezing into one dressing room. Do you share dressing rooms with your sisters and best girlfriends too? Today we’re sharing some final outfits for Sister Style, more about these lovely sisters of mine, and some tidbits about what we’re all up to this week (3/4 of us are traveling!).



A few introductions! In this photo above we are in age order, oldest to youngest from left to right (there’s a 14 year age difference between the oldest and youngest). Celeste on the left is the oldest. She’s a midwife with two kids living in Salt Lake City. I’m second, you already know way too much about me! Then Becca is next in the baseball hat + braid. She works in marketing but is looking at grad schools back east. Becca and I are 10 years apart. Katrina with the cool short ‘do is the youngest. She’s working on a BFA in Graphic Design.  There are also two blonde brothers that fall between Becca and I.


When we were growing up in New York we each had our buddy since we had two girls, two boys, two girls in that order in our family. There’s such a large gap between the two pairs of sisters though that we really weren’t all close growing up. When Celeste left for college Becca and Katrina were ages 7 and 4. I then I left the next year. They were the ‘little girls’ always, and so much of my memories growing up is just my sister Celeste and my two brothers and I.

Now though, we’re super close. We have an ongoing group text that’s used almost daily and the 14 year gap just doesn’t seem to make a difference any more. The hardest thing about Jared and my struggle with secondary infertility was the age gap that kept growing. It made me hopeful though when I thought of how far apart my sisters and I are in age, and yet how close and connected we are as adults.

My sisters are are my go-to resources for everything from music, fashion, and design, to pregnancy and newborn care (having a sister that’s a midwife is pretty handy!). We all have a lot of similarities in terms of our style but our lives, families, hobbies, age, etc gives us each a slightly different perspective.


S0, let’s take a closer peek at each of our looks. First up, Becca’s:


Becca lives in Salt Lake and works in marketing. She’s got this amazing love of learning with a wide range of hobbies and talents. She’s super well read, loves travel, music, humanitarian and activist work, and visual storytelling. She speaks Arabic (has lived in Egypt), is a very talented illustrator and has done a lot of illustration for this site. She’s also a runner, climber, and looking at grad school programs back east for multimedia storytelling. Becca is really into the sporty look lately (her friends call it health goth). She’s spent a lot of time living in Brooklyn recently so her vibe is very New York.


Here’s what Becca has going on this week:  Writing a series of poems for writing group, climbing with friends at the climbing gym, seeing Geographer play a live show, listening to Margaret Atwood speak at the U of Utah about human values, organizing a rehearsal at the Grand America for a huge work event.
What Becca’s wearing: Blanc Noir leather jacket, mesh vest from Maurcies (love this vest!), J.Crew hat, Current/Elliot jeans, Madewell rings, and Born clogs.
Celeste lives in Salt Lake with her two adorable kids that are ages 4 and 6. She’s director of the midwifery program at the U of Utah so she’s an amazing resource for anything in womens health and babies. Her boyfriend and her love traveling, hiking, and doing outdoor adventures together. She’s an amazing cook, an incredible mom, and is one of the kindest, most thoughtful people I know. Another fun fact about Celeste: She used to be a very accomplished ballet dancer. Growing up, Celeste took online classes instead of going to high school so she could dance with the School of American Ballet every day in Manhattan starting at age 14. So yeah, she’s pretty good at juggling lots of responsibilities at once.


Here’s what Celeste has going on this week: Bringing the kids to the Utah Symphony for Peter and the Wolf, big presentation to wealthy donors of the University of Utah about the faculty practice of midwives at the U of Utah, trip to Boston to visit my artist Aunt and her studio, drive to the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts to visit my boyfriend’s family, lots of muddy hikes and walks through the woods.

What Celeste’s wearing: Everly shirt, J Brand jeans, Sam Edelman booties, Maurices jacket, Maurices scarf, and earrings by a Navajo artist.


Hey, it’s me!
Here’s what I have going on this week: Prepping + planning for our trip to Tokyo (which by the time this post goes live I’ll be already there!), going out to dinner in the mission at Foreign Cinema with three of my girlfriends, playing tour guide for a day while my brother Spencer is in town with his law firm, playing baseball with Henry at Chrissy field.


What I’m wearing: Chiffon tank from Maurices (so perfect for layering), Current/Elliott jeans, Zara boots, vintage Levi’s leather jacket, H&M purse


Katrina is the baby in our family and you probably recognize her from a bunch of posts here on Say Yes. Her and her husband Quinn do the couples costumes series that’s always such a blast. Trina was always the sweet little sister that probably got bossed around a bit too much but always manages to be easy going, lovely, gracious, and super cool. She sings and plays in two punk bands, Baby Ghosts and Bat Manors. She’s a talented graphic designer who is working on her BFA and interviewing for intern positions in Manhattan right now. Oh, and her and her husband built an amazing modern treehouse in their yard which we featured right here. We call her Trinkles or Treens. She’ll always be the baby.


Here’s what Trina has going on this week: In NYC visiting design studios and interviewing for internships this summer, eating lots of bagels and doughnuts, going to karaoke, visiting MOMA and Museum of the City of New York, lunch with friends, biking in Central Park, seeing a band she loves play

What Katrina’s wearing: i Joah poncho, velvet leggings from Target, Dansko clogs, Maurices silk shirt and necklace (awesome statement piece).


After we took our Sister Style shots, we headed out to a little juice bar in downtown Provo called Ivie. I’ve heard rave reviews about their acai bowl, but it was actually the rock that road chocolate peanut butter shake that three of us got (confession: it was the second shake I had gotten there in 24 hours).




There is nothing that makes me happier or makes me giggle more than being with my sisters. There’s something so special about a sister bond. Whether it’s actual blood sisters, or friends so close they’re just like sisters. Do you have special relationships like that?

Thanks to Maurices for sponsoring these Sister Style posts

Photography by Ashley Thalman based out of Utah

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You guys are adorable. I wish I had 4 sisters.
Please post pics of you all when you were younger, is/was everyone always blonde? So cute!

You and your sisters are adorable and so accomplished! What an amazing family! Fyi: the Maurice’s links don’t seem to be working. The jacket it links to isn’t the same as the one in the sister pics and I couldn’t find your chiffon tank. But just as well…I don’t need to be shopping!

What lovely sisters and a great series! I would love a post on all of your skincare/makeup routines.

Celeste was my roommate in Jerusalem and I completely adore her. So fun to see her here!

You girls are pretty sexy and amazing, would like to meet face to face 🙂

Absolutely loved reading about your sweet sisters and your different personalities and style. Such a great post!

Love these posts. My sister and I have 9 years difference and so far we have not grown close but she is still young and I hope it will get better as we get older. I am loving all the shoes you guys are wearing.
I am guessing you all live near eachother, do you feel the communication will get harder once some of your sisters move to NY or else where?

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