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I’m thrilled to have PJ of A girl named PJ with us here today. PJ is a mom to two cute boys and wife to a recently active Air Force Duty husband. They moved from Nebraska last fall after her husband ended his military duty to New Jersey and are planning to end up in D.C. soon! PJ also writes for Cool Mom Pics and has been published online and in print all over the place, including! Also, PJ has the best hair. I’m in love with her current cut, aren’t you?

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PJ, tell us about your style!
I’ve always struggled somewhat to define my style. Am I preppy? Bohemian? Trendy? A little bit of everything? Generally, I favor simpler silhouettes, and I veer more casual than dressy, although I still like to look put together. I’m nursing my youngest son, so I wear mostly breastfeeding-friendly tops (button-down shirts, nursing tanks underneath sweaters) with skinny jeans and flats. Right now I have to pass on shirts that don’t offer easy access or have to be dry cleaned, but I’m looking forward to the day when I can add them back into my wardrobe!

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Photography by Megan Tsang. Produced by Ashley Aikele.

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What would you consider your go-to ‘momiform’ to be?
If you asked my husband, he would tell you that I’m addicted to chambray shirts! They’re just so comfortable and versatile. Sometimes I’ll wear them fully buttoned with the sleeves rolled up, and sometimes I’ll open a few buttons and add a statement necklace. Lately, my “momiform” includes mid-to-high waisted jeans because they hold in my postpartum belly and prevent any — ahem — crack from showing when I’m on the floor playing with my kids. And I’m almost always in sneakers, loafers or chunky, low-heeled boots. High heels are for date night or work-related events only!

What is something you do for yourself everyday?
Drink lots and lots of coffee! I actually think I’ve become immune to the caffeine, but I always crave a big mug of coffee with steamed milk when the boys are napping and the house is quiet.

For moms on a mission to rebuild their wardrobe, what are 5 staple pieces you’d recommend?

  1. A denim or chambray shirt. See above, or I love this dark one!

  2. A pair of great fitting denim. I’ve discovered that the slightly higher-end brands like Paige and Hudson that are sold in department stores actually fit better and maintain their shape longer.

  3. A cross-body bag, like this one. Keeps your hands free for child-wrangling.

  4. Ankle boots with a low heel. You can wear them with anything from cuffed skinny jeans to trendy flares to cute summer dresses.

  5. A structured blazer. It elevates the look of even a simple tee better than a cardigan.

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What beauty product can you not live without, and why is it your favorite?
Mascara. It opens up your eyes and makes you look more awake. Right now I’m loving Diorshow because it doesn’t clump or flake — and it smells like roses. I also can’t live without my nail polish, and lately I’ve been experimenting with nail art manicures like the one in the photo, you can see my tutorial here.

Have you splurged on any item in your postpartum wardrobe?
My husband bought me a pair of gorgeous stud earrings as a push gift that were definitely a splurge, but I rationalized it by promising to wear them every day! I’ve pretty much stopped wearing hoops or dangling earrings since having my first son because he was always grabbing at them.

What kind of fashion advice do you have for postpartum, in-between sizes new moms?
Put away your maternity clothing as soon as possible! Even if you have to buy a new pair of jeans in a size or two larger than you normally wear, you’ll feel so much better about your body than if you’re wearing elastic-waisted pregnancy pants months after having a baby. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a great haircut!

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favorite sneaker: I love the look of white Converse even though they’re not the most comfortable.
favorite comfy boot: My black suede Kenneth Cole Reaction Tale Spin booties from a few seasons ago.
favorite casual dress or skirt: Old Navy always has great maxi dresses for summer.
old reliable pair of jeans: Lately, I’ve been altering between two pairs of high-waisted denim from J.Crew.
favorite place to vacation: Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. We take a big family vacation there every year, but I’m dying to go to Paris — I have a feeling it would become my new favorite destination!
band on permanent rotation in my spotify: I don’t use Spotify! Instead, I’m usually listening to Alt Nation or The Spectrum on Sirius XM.
your go to accessory: An MZ Wallace Kate tote in navy that I use as a diaper bag.
color or black and white: Either neutrals or muted colors. I think I’m too pale for black and white!


I still can’t believe I’m looking at myself on Say Yes! What a thrill!

And I guess that chambray and denim — which are stylish and comfortable — are a popular “momiform” choice among young moms!

I love the idea of this series, but the women who have been featured have such similar style that it hasn’t been as interesting as I’d hoped. Lots of chambray shirts, skinny jeans, chunky low ankle boots . . . I’d really love to see moms who embrace a range of styles.

You are totally right! Thank you for the suggestion. I will keep that in mind as I look for moms for future posts. Do you have any moms you know or follow that you’d like to recommend? Thanks for your feedback!


Are you looking for moms in the New York area? Or can they be anywhere? Lisa of Zelma Rose in the SF Bay Area has amazing style as does Sam from Style of Sam in Dallas.

They can be anywhere! We are actually in the Bay Area so Lisa might be perfect. I will look into the ladies you sent over. Thank you so much!

Ashely, please reach out, I’d love to talk mom style on Say Yes 🙂 Love seeing PJ here. She’s one of my favorite ladies and really knows how to mix fashion with the never sitting still reality of motherhood. Go PJ go!!

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