Trend Crush: Overalls

By fashion editor Ashley


Overalls have been on the high fashion radar for a few years now but I feel like this year they are hitting main stream fashion. I mean, they’re everywhere! While running through the mall the other day to make a quick return I saw this pair of white overalls that stopped me dead in my tracks. They were so cool! And only $19! So I bought them. It’s been a few weeks now and I still haven’t worn them. I’ve decided that white overalls were just too big of a leap for me (especially with a toddler). I still can’t decided if I would wear denim overalls…. Where do you stand? Would you wear overalls?

Overalls for every budget below…


$35 and under: one / two / three / four

$50-$100: one / two / three / four

over $100: one / two / three / four


I’m all for them! They are comfortable and fun. I actually thrifted a pair 2 years ago and jokingly posted to my fb that I was bringing them back because I didn’t think they were coming back but didn’t care, I just love them. lol. I obviously don’t keep up well on trends except by accident I guess. Also, with the white ones…try dying them if white is just too much for you to take on right now. I prefer the denim look myself…but I also have kids, white is an iffy pants color for me too. I love the white look though. They may not always be the most flattering, but I love the comfort. My kids think I’m being a farmer when I do wear them 🙂

I love that this trend is coming back! I saw a pregnant lady wearing a pair and she looked so chic. I think I’d buy a pair for my own pregnant self if I didn’t live in Arizona with temperatures hitting high 80’s already.

I am 40. I have done this trend so many times. The last time they were “the thing” was when my 13 year old was a baby. I loved them then. I still think they look cute but, and this might be the first time I have EVER said this as I try as a rule not be this way, but I think I am too old for them. Just too old. I might change my mind. We will see.

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