Spring Trend to Try: Edgy Feminine


Even though we don’t have really defined seasons here in San Francisco, every spring I get antsy to clean out my closet, revamp my wardrobe, and experiment with a few new trends. I’m partnering with Zappos to do exactly that, and I’ll be sharing a couple posts about it over the next few weeks. Today I’m sharing a fun way to pair edgy with feminine. Peeerfect timing because I just did something kind of crazy and got pastel pink highlights in my hair! A bright pink french braid is pretty much the definition of edgy feminine in my book.


Keep reading for more details about this outfit + trend, and spring shopping with Zappos...


Leather jacket (vintage Levi’s), Bardo lace sundressNine West booties

It was fun to come up with a list of trends I’m interested in trying this spring and saving a bunch of items to ‘My Favorites’ folder in Zappos. There was a huge range of ideas I had: overalls, sporty chic (or ‘health goth’ if you go all black like my sister does), boyfriend chic, and edgy feminine (today’s look!). Zappos has such a great selection in so many categories (well beyond just shoes) for spring shopping so it was easy to load up some favorites while I was thinking about different trends to try. And Zappos makes is really easy to sort, by everything from style to size to brand to color. Perfect place to do some revamping of my wardrobe this spring.


For this post I focused on the edgy feminine trend. I’ve been a huge fan of leather jackets for a while now but I love the recent trend of pairing leather (or pink hair!) with something ultra feminine, like a white sundress and a french braid (doesn’t get more feminine than that!). Instead of simple sandals as I normally would wear with a sundress, I went vava voom with these amazing black booties that add another element of edginess. Here’s the crazy thing: these booties are amazingly comfortable. For real. These are going to be on high rotation in my closet from now on.


Are you into the edgy feminine trend? What fashion trends are you into this season?

Photography by Sara Albers. Thank you to Zappos for sponsoring this post


Love the edge plus the girly dress. Such a great look for spring

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