Sister Style: Part 1


Remember our old Sister Style series? It was a fashion series featuring my three sisters Celeste, Becca, and Katrina and I and one of my favorite series but it got so tricky to all get together and take photos. I’m excited that with the help of Maurices we’re bringing it back! In this first post we’ll share some photos from our shopping trip to Maurices and putting outfits together back at Katrina’s home. The second post next week we’ll be sharing our final outfits and take a little outing together. Keep reading to see more shots from our afternoon…


We headed out shopping to Maurices on a busy Saturday and within a few minutes we had pulled a stack of things to try on. Originally they had reserved four dressing rooms for us but of course we ended up just cramming into the large one (do you do the same with your sisters or best friends?). Much more enjoyable to have company trying on clothes! I don’t know how people rush in and out of dressing rooms so quick but I feel like it took us so long.  We all have very similar style and are similar sizes. So one of us would try something on, and then another would like it and want to try it on and then… hmmm that looks good but it needs different pants or a different boot or a tank underneath. The employees were super helpful and kept on checking in on us to help grab new sizes.


We’d go back to the racks again ourselves searching for the perfect thing to pair it with and grabbing a few other things that caught our eye while we’re out.  This went on for a while. Then of course we had to take a couple selfie breaks and each get the others’ opinions on what they had selected for our sister style outfits. Sisters of course don’t hold much back so we were quick to give our honest opinion (which is definitely appreciated when clothes shopping. Tell me straight, please!).


side by side1

Here are a few favorite items we picked out from our Maurices shopping trip: lightweight anorak jacket, chiffon tank, tie front soft pants, button-front jacket, mesh vest with hood, silk blouse (similar), scarf (similar)


After we had selected a few things, we headed back to Katrina’s house for some tea + pumpkin bread, and put outfits together for the shoot, pulling stuff from our shopping trip, our own wardrobes, and each other’s of course. That was one huge benefit of having roommates who had similar sizes, your wardrobe gets multiplied! I miss that!

maurices4 maurices5



Becca and I are big fans of baseball hats + leather jackets lately but being hipper and 10 years younger than me, she is queen of them both.




Somehow we all ended up getting similar nail polish, bralettes, baseball caps, and tank tops. This isn’t the first time we’ve accidentally bought the same things. Becca and Katrina showed up to the shoot wearing the same coat (and…Becca promptly changed).



Love time with my sisters. I wouldn’t spend a day any other way. Stay tuned for the follow up post next week for our final outfits and more about each sister.

Also, be sure to check out My Sister My Sidekick series. Especially the one about my own sisters Becca and Katrina!

Thanks to Maurices for sponsoring this post. Photography by Ashley Thalman 



Liz, can you tell me about the hat you’re wearing in the shopping pictures? It’s not something you got from Marurices, since it’s “before.”

Oh I love this and so glad you’re bringing this series back. I used to shop a ton at Maurices growing up and never thought to look there as an adult but it looks like I probably should check it out. I’m not as petite though as you guys

I was so excited when I found Maurice’s tall jeans–I tried them on and they fit perfectly. 😀 But then after wearing them only twice they stretched out embarassingly in the front. I could only wear them around the house, and ended up getting rid of them after only three months. 🙁 I wouldnt shop there again, which is sad because the employees were so nice and friendly.

I’m in love with your jeans! Where did you get them? They seem like the perfect wardrobe basic 🙂

Hi Dana! The jeans I’m wearing here are from Current/Elliott (although I got them at a consignment store which is usually where I buy jeans)

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