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I’m so excited to feature my new friend Jen Pinkston of The Effortless Chic. I met Jen in January at ALT summit in SLC the first night, and we hung out with each other for the whole conference. I knew instantly that she would have the best advice for a stylish moms feature. Jen is a wardrobe stylist and has worked with celebrities like Kristin Wiig, Molly Shannon, and companies like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Coach, and Anthropologie just to name a few. Jen and her husband Aaron have the cutest daughter Parker who is almost one.


Jen, tell us about your style since becoming a mother!

This past year I’ve examined my personal style more than any other time in my life.  There were some major wardrobe identity crises after Parker was born and many an impulse purchase was made.  Maybe I need more color!  Maybe a different silhouette!  Most of those things have already ended up in the bottom of some clothing donation bin.  There were also the logistical issues of nursing and a body that wasn’t quite the same as my pre-baby one.  Ultimately, I’ve learned this past year that I don’t actually need more things in my wardrobe, I need less that I love more.  I’m also learning to shop for specific holes in my wardrobe and be patient until I find the right one.  I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect pair of white jeans.  Has anyone found any great ones recently?

Keep reading for Jen’s great fashion and beauty advice, like how to rebuild your wardrobe…

Photography by Mary Costa. Produced by Ashley Aikele.

What is one favorite piece in your wardrobe that is both practical for a mother and stylish?

I live by high waisted jeans now!  These actually aren’t a great example, but I love the Levi’s Empire style and the 7 for all Mankind High Waist Skinny. James Jeans actually makes a great high waist jean that’s a little more of a straight leg for those who don’t want something overly skinny or constricting.


What would you consider your go-to ‘momiform’ to be?

This is exactly the type of thing I have been pondering over the last year.  It kills me, but I almost never wear anything silk or that has to be dry cleaned now unless I’m on a date with my husband.  Especially now that she’s eating lots of solid foods, it somehow always ends up on me.  Ultimately my daily uniform is good denim (my weakness!), shoes that have a low/mid chunky heel whether that’s a boot or a sandal, and a tee shirt or button down shirt.  Occasionally a thin cashmere sweater if it’s chilly.  ( I live in LA, so the weather is pretty temperate most of the time.)  I will throw on a couple of simple bracelets and a ring to add a little bit of interest to the look, but nothing crazy in the accessory department.

What is something you do for yourself everyday?

A Nespresso almond milk latte.  I gave up dairy for a few months when Parker was really little and discovered a love for almond milk lattes!


For moms on a mission to rebuild their wardrobe, what are 5 staple pieces you’d recommend?

Before you buy anything, I beg you to purge what you don’t love from your closet!  Everything!  It would be better to just have 5 outfits you loved than a closetful that you constantly have to sift through to find something you like.  It’s so frustrating isn’t it?  Buy great jeans!  Go somewhere like Nordstrom or Barneys where you can try on a ton of different brands and styles until you find the right ones.  A great tee shirt.  Even if it costs too much.  You’ll wear it constantly.  A chambray shirt!  Oh my gosh I can’t even begin to count how many times in a month I wear my chambray shirt.  (It was also a total pregnancy staple worn open.)  Shoes with a chunky heel that are totally comfortable and easy to walk in.  A totally child-unfriendly, dry clean only silk top that you love for those occasional date nights and drinks with your girlfriends.

Do you have a beauty regimen you swear by?

As far as skin care, my skin changed so much after I got pregnant and then again after I had Parker.  It’s been a total learning process.  Luckily, I’m often times on set with great makeup artists who pass along samples.  Two lines I’m loving right now are Hada Labo out of Tokyo (their skin plumping gel cream for day is amazing) and The Body Deli out of Palm Dessert (I love their creme de la rose cream and anything in the ‘Palm Springs’ scent– like their body scrub.)  As far as daily make up routine.  It’s usually just moisturizer mixed with a little foundation, mascara, and lip color.


favorite sneaker:  New Balance 620
favorite comfy boot: Seychelles Lucky Penny in Navy Suede
favorite casual dress or skirt: Anything Splendid
old reliable pair of jeans: Too Many!
favorite place to vacation: Hotel Villa Steno in Cinque Terre
band on permanent rotation in my spotify: Whatever Matt Mugford tells me to listen to
your go to accessory: A good summer hat and an interesting ring or two
color or black and white: I usually gravitate towards neutrals


Hey there. love your style. Where do you get your haircut?

Love her style! And I absolutely agree on the purging, I pulled a KonMari on my wardrobe last month and I thought I would want to rush to buy more clothes,. but I have found that it has actually made me hesitate before several purchases, and I have become much more discerning in my purchases. Absolutely true, great jeans and a few beloved outfits are the best tricks!

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