No Jeans Challenge


I’m starting a fun challenge today that I also did a few years ago: I’m going to try and not wear jeans or casual pants for two weeks. It’s a challenge that forces me to step outside of my old reliable jeans + sweater routine and pull out the casual dresses and skirts in the back of my closet that don’t come into rotation too much. It also forces me to put a little more thought in my outfits each day and get dressed with purpose. One fun thing this time! I’ll be sharing some of my outfits  on instagram so you can see what I pull together each day (or at least 3 or 4 times a week). If you’re interested in joining in (even just for a few days), I’d love some company! Update: Outfit #1!


(photo by Tara Rudolph for The Mother Mag feature)


I never wear jeans June-August. Here in the midwest in February jeans are pretty hard to beat!

palms sweat even thinking about The Challenge. for now i’m willing to at least dabble in a greater range of colored jeans. . . . for the hardcore, baby steps are best, lol.

Great idea 🙂 I love to wear dress and skirts, not only jeans but I don’t have much occasion to do that.

I’ve done this before! it was great… after a friend told me she was going a YEAR without wearing pants (yes we live in a warm climate) I blogged it too. I felt I did look a little more dressed up. IT is funny though when people commented that I was being fancy because all my dresses come from clearance racks between $10-20. These outfits were cheap and didn’t matter if my kids messed them… I started saying that if you see me in jeans and a nice top KNOW that THAT is my fancy expensive outfit 😉

That’s so funny and amazing you went so long! I’m a total jeans girls so this is a really tough challenge for me!

This is interesting. Me, I hate wearing jeans. I’ve never found a style that I’m comfortable in. I live in track pants and scrub pants. Chalk that up to 25 years working in healthcare. So, yes, I’ll join you! 🙂

I hear you about the closet dive – there’s always more in there than I think. I’m on a (school)-year long clothes shopping hiatus. I started in August and will end it on my birthday – July 1st. It’s a challenge and many times I so want to shop shop shop and get myself something new. However, I’m doing it and plan to stick it out to the end. Good luck to you!!
Here’s my challenge if you want to check it out:

I totally admire you for this. As someone who wears jeans or yoga pants every single day, I don’t know if I could pull this off without being completely lost. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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