15 Wardrobe Essentials for Winter

By fashion editor Ashley

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I’ve touched on different trends for this winter but I hadn’t yet done a round up of my favorite pieces for winter. Here are my top 15 essentials for winter. What’s on your winter essentials list? Anything big I’m missing?

winter essentials-2 15-02

1. long overcoat / 2. distressed jeans / 3. wool scarf / 4. elastic ankle boots /  5. maxi sweater dress or t-shirt dress / 6. leather tote / 7. shearling jacket / 8. wide cute sweater / 9. graphic sweatshirt / 10. flannel button up / 11. marled cardigan / 12. shirt dress / 13. neutral everyday athletic shoe / 14. leather leggings or leather paneled leggings / 15. oversized comfy black sweater


These are all very cute. Love them…but I live in Illinois and there is snow up to my eyes. On my list is smart wool socks and think tights. I love the look of no socks but I can’t do cold feet. I am also 5’10”, so I am very picky about my tights. They need to be long enough to not bug and fall down. So all the clothes you have with socks.

I’m so glad someone else mentioned socks! I could never go out (or stay in) in the winter without warm socks! I love the other things mentioned though.

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