10 Tips for Postpartum and Nursing Friendly Outfits

postpartum fashion tips

Now that Edie’s 15 months old and no longer nursing, we are officially done with postpartum and nursing fashion. I wrote about a favorite postpartum outfit before, but thought I’d go more in-depth into some tips I’ve learned over the past 15 months of postpartum and nursing friendly clothing ideas.

I’m partnering with Lou & Grey today to share 10 tips that I wish I had known the first time around about dressing that post-baby bod and nursing friendly clothing…

I was so excited when I found out that Lou & Grey just opened a store in San Jose a couple months ago! They are one of my very favorite women’s apparel line for comfortable, high quality, budget friendly clothing. I love their neutral colors and relaxed Northern California vibe.  I went down there a couple weeks ago and was able to check it out in person:


My friend Andy met me and we had a fun morning shopping and exploring the store in person, picking out a few things for this post! Here are the tips for postpartum fashion. Would love to hear your ideas as well:

postpartum fashion tips

1. A giant scarf made with natural fibers is the best accessory for postpartum. It’s an attractive accessory, a convenient nursing cover, and a cozy blanket for baby in the stroller or carseat. I’ve even used it as a blanket to shimmy up a dress over my hips I had to nurse in that wasn’t nursing friendly.

2. For dresses, buttons and stretch fabrics are key. Without them, if you’re in public you’ll probably feel more comfortable nursing in private (which I hate having to do and leave the party!)

postpartum fashion tips

(Lou & Grey tunic dress in stores (similar or similar), wool Pendleton hat, giant scarf (similar), booties from Zara a few seasons old)

3. Oversized button-up tunics are the best combo for post baby body + nursing. It gives plenty of coverage but makes it easy to nurse in public without having to pull up your shirt. 


4. Almost any top that isn’t too tight (which you probably won’t want to wear anyway) can be nursing friendly with a low cut tank underneath. Pull the shirt or sweater up, and pull the tank down to feed baby. The top acts like a cover.

5. High waisted jeans with some stretch hold everything in and keep your backside from falling out when you bend over to pick up baby. You probably won’t feel comfortable tucking shirts into them as your mid-section won’t be your favorite area to show off, but great to have under a long top or or sweater.

6. Long, loose cardigans with a top underneath are also a great option for nursing. You can pull off the cardigan and wrap one side over your shoulder for cover.
postpartum fashion tips

(Lou & Grey tunic, high waisted jeans from Zara, leather cap from ebay, $8)

7. After baby, take everything out of your closet and keep only the things in there that you can and do wear (which will include maternity stuff still!). When it’s mixed in with all your old pre-baby clothes you used to love, it might make you a little discouraged.

8. Don’t be scared to embrace trends like this amazing coated jacket (below), a leather hat (above, they’re $8 on ebay!) or a pair of cute ripped jeans. It will make you feel more confident about your body and new life with your sweet baby. The coated jacket is the perfect trend to try if you’re thinking about getting a leather jacket but feel like it might be too edgy for you.

postpartum fashion tips

9. Get cute shoes. Shoes will fit! Focus on cute shoes and accessories while your body is still adjusting. This will help you feel more yourself and dress up all the leggings and oversized tops you are wearing. postpartum fashion tips

(Lou & Grey coated jacket, Lou & Grey seamless tank, DIY distressed jeans, black boots)

10. Give yourself a break a break, leggings are perfectly acceptable (these from Lou & Grey look awesome). I lived in leggings for months.

Thank you Lou & Grey, a brand I truly love, for sponsoring this post

Photography by Sara Albers 


Lou & Grey is one of my absolute favorite places, I’m so glad I only live a couple of miles away from it. 🙂 Love all of these tips. I was so nervous when I first started nursing, then once I got into the groove of things I was like, “Hey! I can wear real clothes!”.

love this post! I feel like the cute shoes tip totally applies to pregnancy for me right now too- If I can’t love everything I’m wearing at least I can love my cute shoes!

I had my baby in October and feel like I’ve been living in a chambray button-down ever since. Time to kick things up! Thanks for the style inspiration!

I so needed this post! Three months post-baby, and getting dressed is my least favorite thing to do! All of these ideas are perfect. 🙂

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