Easy Elegant Updo

By guest contributors Molly and Joanna of Irrelephant.

elegant updo

We get a lot of requests to show how to do an easy elegant up do. Most people think they are hard and can’t do on themselves, but we’re here to show you the opposite! They are quite simple and truthfully, the most beautiful updos are the simple organic ones. All you need is a curling iron, bobby pins and a little teasing!
holiday updo
keep reading for instructions…

easy holiday updo
1.We started this style with the hair sprayed with textured spray (surf spray) Then we continued with curling from roots to ends. We used a 1 inch curling iron.
holiday hair

2. Gather the crown section (top of the head, where you usually want volume) tease and pin in middle of back of head. (leave a few “whispy’s around the face for a more relaxed look)
simple updo
3. Grab the left and right left over sections and loosley pin, “X’ing” the previous section.
hair do for the holidays
4. With the left over hair on bottom, lightly tease the hair from bottom to top (this will help give the bun some grit for pinning) Beginning flipping the hair into itself. Continue rolling it up to the top pinned section.
5. Start spreading the rolled up bun like a fan and pin as you go. Spray with choice of hairspay!
easy elegant updo


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