What to wear for family pictures under $40

by fashion editor Ashley

fam photos

It’s that time of year…family pictures! Here are some pieces for the whole family that I think would work great. My advice, keep it simple, be careful with too many colors and patterns as well as getting too matchy-matchy. For more advice, here are ten tips for beautiful family photos.

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For brother
1. Twisted chinos $17.95
2. Quilted vest $22.99

For dad
3. Sneakers $19.95
4. Horizontal stripe shirt $27.99

For mom
5. Cropped sweatshirt $34.99
6. Loint moccasin flat shoes $34.09
7. Sateen toothpick pant $49.99 + 30% off

For baby sister
8. Checkered flannel top $18.99
9. Textured beanie $13.99
10. Boyfriend skinny jeans $14.00
11. Speckled raglan cardigan $23.99


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