Three Transition Outfits


A couple months ago I shared a favorite postpartum outfit and many of you were interested in seeing more. Today I’m sharing three more in collaboration with Le Tote, a subscription shopping service with unlimited totes full of clothing that come quickly to your door as often as you want.  Perfect for busy women who love to shop (and if you do, be sure to use the discount code SayYes to get 50% off your subscription).

Since I can hardly count 11 months post-baby to be postpartum anymore,  I would consider these more postpartum transition outfits as I’m sloooowly squeezing myself back into my pre-baby clothes but I still am not comfortable in everything in my wardrobe. These three outfits are a few of my favorites styles to wear during this in-between transition time of postpartum.

Keep reading to hear more about Le Tote and three favorite postpartum transition styles…

Photography by Sara AlbersThanks to Le Tote for sponsoring this post. You can get 50% off the $49 subscription fee with this discount code: SayYes.

Le tote

Have you ever used these subscription based shopping services like Le Tote before? They’re so smart! You sign up for a monthly subscription (50% off with my code SayYes) and fill up your ‘closet’ on their site so they get to know your style and preferences and answer a few questions about sizes and fit. Then you start getting boxes of goodies with 3 garments and 2 accessories in each box.  You can keep them as long as you want, wear and then send them back, or buy them. I think the prices are really reasonable too.

Here are three favorite styles featuring pieces from Le Tote boxes:


Outfit 1: I call this my soccer mom ensemble. Baseball hat (being from NY it naturally has to be a Yankees hat), comfy distressed jeans, vintage adidas sneakers (thrifted), and this super comfy gray shirt from Le Tote. It’s ridiculously soft, but sold out on the site now (here’s something similar). I like this because it’s comfy, active, and doesn’t cling too much on the top but it still feels stylish to me. I can play soccer with Henry at the park and crawl around with Edie up the playground structure without adjusting too much.

Jeans and shoes thrifted (distressd DIY here)/Gray Tee from Le Tote/Yankees Hat from Amazon


Outfit 2: For a date night out. A pretty shift dress with oxfords and leather tote. Isn’t this Edie dress (great name) from Le Tote an amazing color? I’m really diging it. Again, not clinging but still stylish and easy to add fun accessories. Plus, pockets for binkies and keys.

Edie Dress from Le Tote/Oxfords from Madewell/Leather Tote from Cuyana/DIY necklace tutorial 


Outfit 3:  Black on black (on black). Like my first postpartum outfit, black is a gracious gift during postpartum months. The sheer black top from Le Tote is making fast rotation in my daily wardrobe. It might be my favorite item! It looks dressed up but it’s super comfy and cool. The style isn’t as oversized as the first postpartum outfit but it’s still loose and the tee underneath is perfect for nursing.

Sheer black top from Le Tote/Distressed black jeans from Zara (similar)/thrifted hightop converse/vintage jean jacket/leather tote from Cuyana/consignment wool hat


As a first time Mama of an almost 5 month old, I have definitely been struggling to dress my new, different post baby bod. These posts are a big disco ball of hope for me when trying to think about what to wear during this crazy transition. I really appreciate them, thanks!

Thank you for saying you’re transitioning into your pre-baby clothes at 11 months. Real life right there! At 2 months postpartum with my second I finally feel relaxed about not racing back into my old clothes and giving myself the time it takes. Just another reason why I love reading your blog!

I love your relaxed style, AND that you suggest items that are affordable! Way to go with the thrifting, too– I never have luck with that.

I would love to see an Oxford/brogue roundup like you did for boots (wearing my Gap Chelsea boots right now:). I love the Madewell oxfords but would love to see some less expensive options.

Thanks Asia, great idea about the oxfords roundup! PS oxfords are another GREAT thrift find if you have the patience to search for them!

I never see women (in real life) wearing ripped jeans, either, only teens, so I wouldn’t dare, lest I get the eye roll. You know what I mean, ladies love to judge! I looked up the Edie dress and the publicity photo shows it ending just shy of the bikini line. Are you really petite? I want it to work for me, but I hate mini skirts.

I guess ripped jeans aren’t for everyone. I wear them all the time and haven’t gotten eye rolls (that I’ve seen at least?). As for the dress, I’m not too petite- 5’4? Maybe the model in the photo is really tall. It’s definitely not too short on me.

You know what? You have inspired me, Liz. I am sick of loving trendy things like hats and ripped jeans on other people, and buying yet another pair of mom capri’s for myself. I am buying a pair of distressed jeans, and I am going to rock them!

It seems like half off the outfits featured on your blog involve ripped jeans. I don’t get it. This wouldn’t be appropriate for me to wear during most of my day-to-day activities, even at my super laid-back (dress code wise) academic job!

Uh clearly she likes ripped jeans right now. You don’t have to wear them!

Yes it’s true I’ve been a huge fan of ripped jeans lately. You could easily swap these out for other non-ripped pants, no biggie 🙂

Of course, I wasn’t trying to be rude or suggest that I wasn’t capable of switching out the pants of an outfit, or even that the outfits weren’t cute! It was just a more general comment that these styles would never work for me or, I suspect, many women working outside the home or involved in community organizations. Even when I worked at google where almost anything was “okay”, it turned out that “okay” wan’t the same as appropriate in most people’s minds. And I find that most people dress slightly more formally (not really formal, just not ripped clothes) at school board meetings, church, loaves & fishes, out running errands, etc. So I’m just surprised to see so many outfits like this.

Totally, not for everyone! Although I have worn ripped jeans in several of those occasions your mentioned above. whoops? Thanks for your comment, Lynn 🙂

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