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Happy September!  I thought it would be fun to celebrate sister relationships with a new series here interviewing some close sisters and find out what they love about each other, hear their favorite memories (and fights!) growing up and how their relationship has changed over time with boys, careers, moves, self discovery, kids, etc. All that good life stuff that changes you for good.
To kick things off I thought we’d start with two of my sweet sisters: Becca and Katrina. These two at the caboose were always the closest. I’ve always admired their relationship and am excited to give you a peek into it today.
First, some quick intros:
This is Becca. She’s the older by two years and has so many interests I can’t even keep track of them. She’s a talented illustrator, an avid reader, runner/biker/climber and has a keen interest in international issues from her majors of Middle Eastern studies, Arabic, and her time living in Egypt. She drew and painted the logo you see for Say Yes and has worked on a bunch of illustration projects here as well. She’s one of the most well read, well rounded, and kindest people I know.
This is Trina. She lived with us two summers ago and Henry still talks about her all the time.  She has this crazy magnetic, warm, fun loving personality alongside a deep artistic and musical side. She’s a talented graphic designer starting a competitive MFA program this fall. When she’s not studying, she works at a fine art museum by day and sings in not one but two punk bands at night (Baby Ghosts and Bat Manors). She and her husband Quinn recently built this little old amazing treehouse in their yard.


Keep reading to find out how they’d describe each other’s style, favorite childhood memories, what they fight about, and much more…


PS My three sisters and I used to have an ongoing fashion series here called Sister Style, if you remember. Also, here’s one of my favorite pictures of my three sisters and I when we vacationed in North Carolina together last year.


Photography by Utah based photography Ashley Thalman for Say Yes. Thanks to Becca and Katrina for letting us follow them around and pepper them with fun questions.
Trina, what kinds of things did you and Becca like doing together when you were growing up? 
Becca and I were musical fanatics growing up. We would rent every musical from the library and spend entire weekends watching them and singing along. We would even use barbies to put on “plays” complete with songs and costume changes. We also spent a lot of time outside playing on the trampoline and making up games.

Becca, are you and Katrina closer now or when you were kids? 
That’s a tough question. Unsurprisingly, our relationship has changed a lot over time. As kids we were each other’s primary source of entertainment but we didn’t necessarily talk about the hard things in our lives. In the past few years though, I think Trina and I have learned to open up to each other in a powerful way. There have been many times in my life that Trina was the first person I called when something went wrong.

What is one of your favorite childhood memories together?
Becca: Every pair of childhood friends creates their own cultural lexicon, their own language through which they view the world. Trina and I have our own weird repository of funny stories and jokes that we return to again and again. One time we were watching Saturday morning cartoons under huge blankets in our TV room for about 5 hours. My dad, who abhors laziness in all its forms, told us we had to get out of the TV room in exactly one minute. Trina and I decided to obey – but we found a loophole. We rolled ourselves up in blankets and steamrolled across the floor, through the hallway, into the living room, and ending in the kitchen where my dad was cooking, giggling the entire way. That story still cracks us up.
Trina: One Christmas Becca found a big cardboard box that served as her “sleigh.” She tied some stuffed animals to strings and attached them to the sleigh. I was chosen to play the part of Rudolph and was also tied to the sleigh. I then had to pull Becca down the stairs as she hollered “HO HO HO.” The funny thing is that I was perfectly content playing the part of Rudolph. I would always rather be an animal than a human.
How would you have described each other when you were both in grade school? 
Becca: Trina was very accommodating and easy to get along with. Somewhat reserved. Full of creative energy.
Trina: Becca was very creative. Always drawing comics and making up games for the neighborhood kids.
Trina, what did you and Becca fight about growing up? 
Becca and I never had huge fights. They usually didn’t last very long and we were quick to forgive and forget. But being the youngest you get picked on for just about anything. I remember Becca teaming up with our cousin Elliot and playing a game called “monster” where they would run away from me and then attack me when I got close (as if I were a monster). I guess this made me more sad than angry because all I wanted to do was play with them but they kept running away!

What’s one thing that used to drive you crazy about your sister when you were growing up? 
Becca: Honestly, Trina is one of the easiest people to get along with. And I’m not saying that because I’m her sister – her friends can attest to her affability. Because she’s so easy-going, though, I sometimes would get annoyed when she would stand up to me. Reflecting on those years, I think it was important that she asserted herself.
Trina: Becca loved to sleep in. This was usually not a huge problem but sometimes I just wanted her to wake up so bad so that we could play. When she got to high school age I still wanted to wake up at 5am on Christmas to see what Santa brought us in our stockings! I remember when she started saying no and that was frustrating.
Trina, what would you consider you and Becca’s ‘golden age’ to be sisters? 
I’ve loved every stage of our relationship. When we were younger it was all about constantly making up new games and projects. Now we can relate on perhaps a deeper level because we are both adults. So I love this stage too! We get to remember our fun times as kids but also relate as adults.
Becca, tell us about your relationship as close sisters now. How often do you talk? How often do you see each other? 
Trina and I have remained tight-knit friends since childhood. We are the two youngest in a fairly large family, so we spent a lot of time entertaining each other as kids. When I went to college, Trina and I spoke on the phone weekly. Since Trina moved to Utah, we text almost every day. If  I’m lucky, I get to see her every week.
Trina, what kinds of things do you like doing together now that you live in the same state?
We love going to concerts together. I play in a few bands and Becca comes to a lot of my shows which makes it much more fun. We both love movies and shows so we spend time watching our favorites together.


Becca, describe Katrina in three words. Enthusiastic. Warm. Creative.

Becca, what’s a quality or skill does Katrina has that you really admire? Where do I even begin?
Trina models so many qualities that I wish I had. I think she is really adept in social situations at putting other people at ease. She doesn’t seek out points of contention or disagreement (something I do relentlessly).

Becca, how would you say Katrina has ‘rubbed off’ on you?
Because we’re so close in age, I think there’s been a lot of reciprocity. Trina has a get-it-done work ethic that has rubbed off on me. She gets so much done in the limited amount of time she has (a quality I also admire in Liz “Lizzing it” Stanley). She has also influenced my taste in art and music.


Trina, describe Becca in three words. Energetic. Knowledgeable. Imaginative.

Trina, what’s a quality or skill Becca has that you really admire?
She had the ability to take in a lot of information in a short amount of time. When we were growing up she could read entire books in a day.

Trina, how would you say Becca has ‘rubbed off’ on you?
Growing up, Becca was always using her hands to create things. She was a fantastic artist and I always looked up to her. I’m now studying graphic design and I think maybe Becca’s desire to create rubbed off on me.

Becca, tell us one way that you and Katrina are a lot alike and one thing that is totally different about you two?
I think that Trina and I both have very warm personalities. We tend to get along with most people and accommodate lots of personalities. On the other hand, I think I tend to question people and authority more often than Trina does. I’m more argumentative than she is.
Becca, how would you say you and Katrina differ in your style? 
I think my style’s a little more buttoned up than hers is, but overall I think we have similar impulses.


 Becca, how would you describe Katrina’s style?

Punk meets Bibi Andersson.

Trina, how would you describe Becca’s style?
Becca is the kind of person that doesn’t hang on to a lot of clothes. She has a few really solid staples in her closet that she wears often. Her style is kind of bohemian but with more class.


Trina, what is your favorite piece of clothing that Becca owns that you might steal if you get the chance?
Probably the dress that she is wearing in this photoshoot!

Becca, what is your favorite piece of clothing that Katrina owns that you might steal if you get the chance?
You mean that I haven’t already stolen? I love her delicate gold necklace.

Trina, you guys are both really into music. Are there any areas of music you disagree on?
Not really. In high school, Becca went through a Rascal Flats phase but that was probably the only time that we disagreed. We are constantly sharing new music with each other.
Becca, who would you say has changed the most from their 10 yr old self? 
No idea. Ask me again in 10 years.


Thanks Becca and Katrina for kicking thing off!  Have a sister you’re tight with that lives close by and want to be considered for the series? Email my site manager Ashley at ashleyaikele(at) with some recent photographs and a bit about your relationship. 
Graphics by Ashley Aikele


Love the post! Also, I absolutely ADORE Trina’s dress! Where is it from?

I love this series idea! And I loved reading all of your sisters interview answers. Sisters are just the best. I’m lucky enough to have three too, and they really are my best friends!

I’d love for you to interview my sister and me. We’re 3.5 years apart, were not close growing up, but now are the best of friends. At age 30 and pregnant, she still steals my clothes and I mooch off her leftover dinners. We work well. I’ll keep her.

How sweet! Love stories of sisters coming together later in life.

Makes all of us appreciate our sisters all the more…..and our brothers!!……I am assuming the handbags come from the brother-in-law!…..however, I looked and can’t find them on his site…….

I’m the oldest of four sisters and love this series! However I NEED to know where both of those handbags are from – they are both gorgeous!

Katrina’s bag is from Mark and Graham. Will let you know when I hear from Becca!

Thank you! They are exactly what I’m in the market for!

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