10 favorite baby girl dresses for Edie


I’ve struggled with finding simple baby dresses in classic patterns and natural fabrics for Edie. I was really excited for girls clothes but then once I started really paying attention to what was out there, I was kind of turned off by all the overly girly, overly styled options available. I want simplicity, quality, and classic styles but they feel so hard to find! So I’ve looked long and hard and found a few favorites, many from small companies that I wanted to share with you today.


Keep reading for a few I love, I’d love to hear your favorite sources for classic + simple baby dresses as well!

Thanks to my intern Jordan Wise for snapping these sweet photos of us. The dress in these images is from Smiling Button.

simple baby dresses

Mabo Kids (their whole line of clothes really) / Elias and Grace / Willaby / Thumbeline / Smiling Button / Petit Fauve / Wolfechild / Zara / Mabo for Madesmith / Thumbeline

Collage graphics by Ashley Aikele


I just love the South African brand KuNa , I think the site is http://www.kuna.co.za. really bright unique baby stuff . So cute . I’ve always loved bright colours on my baby, she can get away with so much now !

Dressing my two month old has been hard because everyone wants to buy my frilly princess dresses and I don’t want to dress her like that. So it’s been wonderful to come across brands that value feminine classic and comfortable clothes. I love that I’m already teaching my daughter style.

Oh, you did a good job picking this dresses! I want them in adult sizes! 🙂

I love dressing my little girl in greys and blacks and simple clothing without the frill. I find European brands do a better job with this. Zara is my go to, but also dpam, next and cotton on (which I just discovered) are great inexpensive options. I love all French and Scandinavian brands but they usually are on the high end.

I love these! I don’t have a girl (just had my first child – a boy!) but I agree about a lot of the clothing out there being too cutesy and precious. I’m so glad you found these great options. If I have a girl in the future, I’ll be sure to come back and look for your shopping recommendations. Also – I noticed someone commenting on the high prices. Maybe you could do a tutorial with making baby girl dresses since you’re so handy with the sewing machine?

I’m all for quality and i agree that these dresses are simple and beautiful. BUT, $70 for a baby dress is pretty outrageous, don’t ya think?

I agree! i wish there were some more inexpensive options. I’ll have to look into some of the suggestions here!

i don’t want to knock these because a beautiful hand made piece is worthy of its price tag, nonetheless i find it really hard to justify spending so much on infant clothing. i think a reasonable solution would be to sew some dresses at home! their beauty is in their simplicity after all – it’s not like these designers invented the a-line themselves!

I have always loved Gap Kids for their classic cuts, natural materials, and calmer colours that work for both boys and girls.

Olive Juice Kids, Bella Bliss, and Pixie Lily are other good brands to check out.

I am trying to find some higher quality (good material) solid colored little girl dresses to embroider. Any suggestion?

This couldn’t come at a more perfect time! I have spent days searching for simple dresses for my 7 week old and came up empty handed. Thank you!

I really love Hanna Andersson and Tea Collection clothes for unique and subtle designs, and they also have fabric that holds up really well and is super soft. On a more affordable scale, I have had good luck with H&M and Old Navy for baby styles. Now that I have a 6 year old out of toddler sizes, I’m having a tough time finding clothes that aren’t covered in neon, glitter, peace signs, or animal prints, and that she will agree to wear, so cherish those few years you have when they aren’t super opinionated about their clothes!

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