Summer Camp inspired Pieces for your wardrobe

by fashion editor Ashley

summer camp pieces-02

image via traveling triplets

I’ll admit I didn’t attend many summer camps (probably because growing up in Idaho was like going to summer camp in and of itself) but there was the summer I went to 4H camp. There were the classic cabins (#13 was haunted of course) and the boys camp was just across the way. We did crafts and hikes, sang songs and ate smores. I’m not sure what my wardrobe was like back then, certainly nothing noteworthy! But the iconic summer camp wear is something to talk about! Cuffed jean shorts, vintage tees, sneakers and flannel etc! Here is a round up of classic summer camp pieces that you can thank your 13 year old self for.

summer camp pieces-01

chucks / vintage tee / shorts / flannel / cargo vest / hat / aviators / bracelets / tube socks / backpack


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