Fab Finds under $40

by fashion editor Ashley

fab finds

Stripes, prints, and polka dots! Get your pattern fix with this weeks 10 fab finds under $40. Happy Shopping!

1. Polka dot skimmer pant $32.99
2. Woven t-shirt blouse $15.00
3. Seersucker baseball cap $24.99
4. Ceramic jewelry tray $12.99
5. Stripe-sleeve tee $24.99
6. Beach tee $39.50
7. Printed dress $25.99
8. Mini crossbody handbag $14.99
9. Deck shorts $19.99
10. Denim striped shoes $19.80


I love this series! I bought that cute sailboat print top and J. Crew top with the striped sleeves… thanks for the scoop!

Yes! That was a typo. Thanks for catching it! All fixed now 🙂

I’m really glad stripes are sticking around. In my closet this morning, I realized I might have a slight stripe addiction problem;)

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