What to wear to a picnic: Splurge and Save

by fashion editor Ashley

picnic splurge

Whether it be in your own back yard or in the French countryside, there is something to be said for moving your meal outside and going on a picnic. It must be the fresh air and scenery that makes picnics so attractive. You already know how to make a perfect picnic sandwich, veggie dips, and watermelon treat but what will you wear? Here are two outfits (one splurge, and one save) that would be perfect for an afternoon picnic… all with an emphases on comfort.

picnic save

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1. Dress: The best dresses for picnic dresses are a nice jersey or cotton. Simply because they are comfortable and wear well. Go with something a little longer so you can sit on a picnic blanket without feeling like everyone is thinking “I see London, I see France…”. You could also wear a simple loose skirt. [splurge/save]

2. Scarf: Scarves and bandanas hold many purposes… protecting you from an evening chill, wrapping up your hair, an extra napkin to drape across your lap, etc etc. Pick something bright and colorful to jazz up your outfit. [splurge/save]

3. Hat: Hats aren’t just for looks, they are also great for keeping the sun out of your eyes and off your face. My favorite picnic hats are the fedora, panama, or baseball cap. [splurge/save]

4. Sweater: It’s always a good idea to pack a sweater for those sudden weather shifts or in case your picnic goes well into the evening after the sun has gone down. [splurge/save]

5. Sandal: Unless your picnic also includes a good hike, sandals are the perfect shoe. Great for keeping your feet cool and showing off your cute toenails. [splurge/save]

6. Sunglasses: Don’t wear them while you are eating. Save them for the “I’m-so-stuffed-I’m-just-going-to-lay-back-here-on-this-blanket-and-enjoy-the-sun” moment. [splurge/save]

7. Picnic Blanket: Even though you aren’t technically “wearing” it, a cute picnic blanket makes picnicking exciting! [splurge/save]

8. Picnic Basket: Use anything from an old crate or tote to a fancy picnic kit! Just make sure it can hold everything and get your food from A to B. [splurge/save]


The link for the splurge basket goes to one of the blankets FYI…dying to know where that basket is from.

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