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Happy Monday! We have another great  Secrets of Stylish Moms today with Whitney of Eat Sleep Cuddle! Her site is a beautiful place showcasing her art, photography, cooking and seemingly seamless transition to parenthood. Whitney is mom to the cutest redhead 6 month old on the planet named Wyatt (who I’ve decided is already betrothed to Edie).  Welcome, Whitney! Here’s how she makes being a new mom so cool…

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The look:

TOP | WATCH (with handmade strap) | NECKLACE | PANTS (similar) | SHOES (thrifted)

Tell us about your postpartum style, Whitney!
Since becoming a mom I’ve definitely taken a more casual approach to getting dressed in the morning. The silk blouses in my closet don’t get much action anymore these days, but my collection of black tops, white T-shirts, and chambray is growing at an alarming rate! (Shh, don’t tell my husband.) They all go well with just a pair of jeans, and don’t take much time & effort. Lately I’ve subscribed to more simplicity in my style—out of necessity and also because it just comes naturally for me. I have a hard time with accessories for whatever reason. I never feel quite like myself, but jeans and a basic top with a classic necklace (and painted nails, don’t forget!) seem just right. In the past I used to feel like I was being boring with just a plain old outfit, but let bygones be bygones! There’s beauty in simplicity (in all aspects of life, not just clothing), so I’m going with it. I wear this kind of outfit very often…a button-up chambray to allow easy access for nursing, and a pair of high-waisted jeans that let me move around every which way without worrying if I’m letting anything show. “Mom jeans” are the best, and anything that is appropriate for the grocery store while also making it easy to get on the floor to play with my sweet baby deserves an A+ in my book.

What kind of fashion advice do you have for postpartum, in-between sizes new moms?
Regardless of what size you were compared to what size you are now, always be proud of yourself for what your body is capable of doing (carrying & delivering a baby!!). After I had Wyatt I was a big fan of leggings and flowy shirts & sweaters. Easy to move around in, not constricting at all, and very forgiving. Win-win-win!

Have you splurged on any item in your postpartum wardrobe?
These days I’m more likely to splurge on clothes for my baby boy, but if/when I do splurge for myself it’s always at Madewell.

When you are “baby free” what is your go to look?
To be completely honest, my outfit would be much of the same, except instead of the huge tote I’m lugging around these days, I’d wear my trusty old leather crossbody satchel I found at a thrift store a couple years ago. It basically only has enough space for my wallet, phone, and chapstick, so not much of a mommy bag, but I really love & miss that silly thing and would take any chance I could get to carry that around instead of a “diaper bag”!

For moms on a mission to rebuild their wardrobe, what are 5 staple pieces you’d recommend?
I’d recommend a good pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, a classic white T-shirt (you can never have too many!), black jeggings, a chambray top, and a pair of chic flats. When I was on the same kind of mission, these were the 5 things I found myself gravitating towards most frequently.


Sneaker: Vans
Old reliable pair of jeans: A pair of OBEY skinny jeans I got from a secondhand store a couple years ago.
Place to vacation: Anywhere, as long as my sisters (and husband & baby boy) are there.
Go to accessory: My Helen Ficalora alphabet charm necklace (my husband gave it to me as a gift 5 years ago, and I still wear it every day!), and my Timex watch with the leather band my husband made.
One item in your makeup bag you can’t live without: In the past I would have said mascara, but lately it’s my MAC eyebrow pencil.
Color: Back and/or white has been my go-to recently.


Whit was my college roommate and one of the stylish people I know, mom or not. So fun to see her on here! I am loving this series, even though I’m not a mom.

You think? I think it’s simple and classic. As a postpartum mom, that’s exactly what I look for in an everyday look. I asked them to share an everyday outfit, and Whitney did exactly that.

Yeah, I find the washed out chambray shirt pretty blah, but the jeans are very flattering. You mention picking the best pieces in your closet and I just find the look rather dull. I do love her necklace and the thrifted shoes are cute!

the shoes & necklace are my favorite too! 🙂 and with this outfit i wanted to keep myself an honest woman by choosing something i really do wear often. boring or not, at least it’s comfy!

seems as though the “secret of stylish moms” seems to be money

If someone asked to photograph me in an everyday outfit, I’m sure I’d pick the best pieces I had in my closet too 🙂

i got both the jeans and the chambray on sale, and the shoes were thrifted…the whole outfit cost about $65 (jewelry not included). not too bad, right? 🙂

This is my favorite look. 🙂 It suits everyone, casual yet put-together. Love the shoes!

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