One-Pieces Swimsuits under $60

by fashion editor Ashley

cheap one-piece swimsuits-02

I’m on the hunt for a new swimsuit this year, since last summer I was pregnant and I stretched out my favorite polka-dot suit. I’m torn between getting something fun or something simple and classic. With these prices maybe I can get both!

cheap one-piece swimsuits-01

1. Polka-dot underwire tank $49.99
2. Lemon Halter $35.00 (favorite fun suit!)
3. Lattice medallion underwire tank $59.99
4. Bandeau Swimsuit $29.95
5. Gray twist halter $34.99
6. Black Shape Swimsuit $34.95 (favorite classic suit)
7. Sail away V-neck tank $59.99
8. Tank in navy floating anchor $54.50
9. Tank in coral leaf $54.50
10. Polka-dot halter $45.73 (Main Image)



Perfect timing yesterday I made a last minute trip to Target for a swimsuit and they have a some affordable cute suits. I really wanted to like number 5 but it was so unflattering something about that fabric on top did not work on me. I ended up getting a cute all black number similar to number 6. I’m keeping my eyes out for a cute polka for number too

I know, right? They had a watermelon one too that was sooo cute, but it was all sold out.

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