Edie Jean: 6 Month Update

This post is sponsored by Giggle. Find some of my favorite baby toys, clothing and gear for Edie at Giggle.

This week our Edie Jean is turning 6 months old. Crazy, right? Seems just like yesterday that I was sitting in the hallway in the middle of the night in an anxiety stricken ball of escalating contractions and (possible?) broken water, trying to figure out when we needed to head to the hospital.  It also seems like she’s always been part of our family, maybe because we were waiting and dreaming of having another for so long. She has always belonged right here with us. We just love her to pieces and feel so lucky to have her.


Postpartum is no laughing matter but now that we’re rounding out 6 months, I feel like we’re coming out of the fog which is a great feeling.  You will probably hear me say this a million and a half times, but- this stage is just the cutest. So tubby and giggly and roly poly deliciousness. I want her to stay 6 months old always.

Today I’ve partnered with a company that I just adore, Giggle, to share some highlights of Edie’s development as a 6 month old and give you some insight into our favorite products for her at this stage…

Here are 5 things I’d want to remember about our 6 month old Edie Jean:

1. She just adores her big brother. We always say that Henry is her very favorite toy. Her eyes light up and giggles explode   when he enters the room, like he did here when we solicited his help in making her smile for the camera:


He is just so funny! I love their special connection. It makes my heart melt every day. Henry is a very affectionate kid and it makes me happy to see how loving he can be with his baby sister (well, when he’s not trying to push her swing too high while I’m in the other room, or flick her head to get a reaction out of her. Oh, 6 yr olds…)


2. Edie has also started to sit up. Weeeell, I’m being generous here. She’s getting very close. I love sitting with her as I am here in the photos and watching her wobbly, chubby body struggle to balance from side to side while furiously shoving everything and anything within an arms length into her mouth as fast as possible. Often she skips over the toys and goes straight for the sticks, pins, and shiny phone screens. Yesterday she played for a good 30 minutes with a piece of oast at a restaurant. Go figure.

3. She’s starting to have a preference and will make herself heard if things don’t go her way. For certain toys (anything that can easily fit in her mouth), for where she spends the day (outside, please) and who she spends the day with (Henry, pretty please).

4. Some favorite things we’ve done with Edie: The aquarium (see that post later this week!), sitting in grass in the rose garden in Golden Gate Park and letting her pull up grass and dandelions to her heart’s content. Walks with the front pack to pick up or drop off Henry at school, runs in the jogging stroller on a chilly morning, strolls to the community garden after dinner next door to grab leaves and watch Henry ride around on his bike.

5. We’ve been trying to get her on solids for a couple of months but she has no interest! She’s into mom’s milk and that’s that. We’ve tried cereal, sweet potatoes, pears, and carrots. Everything gets pushed out with her tongue immediately. Sweet potatoes was the closest we’ve gotten to her ‘eating’ anything. What a little stinker.

Favorite nicknames: Edie cakes, baby cakes, little troublemaker
Favorite toy: Sophie
Favorite song: Moon Moon Moon by Laurie Berkner
Favorite activity at home: Taking a bath with mom and Henry (sometimes we turn out the lights and throw glow sticks in the water. I’ll have to try the glow stick balloons with her too some day!)
Favorite time of day: Right after her morning breakfast of mom’s milk when we all finally get up and give her attention

And here are a few favorite products from Giggle and other shops for her age of teething, eating, sitting up and exploring:

giggle 6 month roundup 3

1. Bucket Bib (easy cleanup for new eaters)
2. booties (the best to lounge around in, which happens a lot around here)
3. Sophie the Giraffe (a favorite chew toy)
4. Printed leggings (easy outfit with a simple onesie)
5. Cardigan + cap (must have for San Fran weather, can’t leave home without one!)
6. Kate Spade Silverware (okay, a wishlist item but how cute are these?)
7. Sun Hat (every time I forget a sunhat I always regret it)
8. Go Car (she  loves watching things move fast!)
9. Freshly Picked moccs (super cute way to dress up baby feet)
10. Babycook Pro (for baby food making!)
11. Panda Teether (chew chew chewing all day long)
12. Brown Bear Brown Bear book (a classic baby board book)
13. Giggle Basic Onesies (love this cross snap style)
14. Soft quilted Baby Blanket (can never have too many of these around)
15. Multiportions food storage tray (such a great way to freeze and keep baby food)



And just for a fun comparison, here is her older brother Henry at 7 months:


Photography by Loren Croiser. Collage put together by Ashley Aikele. Thanks to Giggle for sponsoring this post

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oh gosh, i totally understand about the “fog” — I explain it as “being on the other side”…those first few months were BRUTAL for me but now that our Declan is 6 months it’s the opposite – I just can’t even handle his cuteness and my cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling with him. yes, yes the roly poly, giggly, babbling phase is just the sweetest. I am loving it.

i just want to eat her up! she’s totally a girly henry….so so cute! we have a lot of the things you mentioned, and i use the baby food maker for the older kids too. makes super fast/easy apple sauce blends. the resqueeze food pouch (check amazon) is awesome too – i fill it up with my own food and it’s great on the go.

and loving your new couch!! we really need a new one. is yours velvet or microfiber? i need to choose one that’s wipeable and kid friendly. i love the long length option.

Cute! My niece just turned four months – I will have to check out some of those products!

Love reading about Edie and especially the wonderful relationship Edie and Henry have. Sweet.

Oh she is absolutely gorgeous! Love your top? Do you mind sharing where its from? Thanks! XOXO

Oh gosh she is so cute! I love that she and Henry are getting along.

Sorry to ask a question like this on a sweet baby post…but where did you get that couch and rug? They are lovely!

6 months is a perfect age, I agree. Love your favorites. Giggle is a favorite place for me to shop too

My now 11 year old would not eat a speck of food other than breast milk till she was 15 months old! Not for our lack of trying that’s for sure. She was a huge roly poly like Edie. She’s a great eater now.

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