A Gender Neutral Kids Room Plan


When Edie was born we made room for her on the right half of the sunroom.  The sunroom is connected to our bedroom so it’s been really convenient the last few months. She sleeps with us in a cradle (or in bed with us) and the rest of her stuff is around the corner in the sunroom. It’s made a lot of sense. You can see more of the details from her space in the post here. Now that she’s 6 months old though, it’s time to move her out of the cradle and into a full crib in Henry’s room. I’m really anxious to get my full studio space back. The light is amazing and it’s perfect to have a sunny office right off our bedroom. I can’t wait to actually sit at a desk again and have a full wall designated just for shooting and shelves for styling.

Moving Edie into Henry’s room isn’t a very simple process. First of all, it’s not a huge room.  It has two doors (one to the hall, one to the sunroom), and it’s already full of furniture for a 6 year old boy. It doesn’t feel like a nursery at all right now. It’s pretty grown up. You can see the full tour of Henry’s current room here.

I partnered with Serena & Lily to take on the challenge of making this space more gender neutral with current and new pieces that make sense for both a 6 year old boy and 6 month old girl.


I met design consultant, Kate, at Serena & Lily’s brand new design shop here in San Francisco last week. It’s such an incredible space and super inspiring. You can pull out any swatch of fabric from pillows to sheets and rugs and work with it on their huge tables. It doesn’t feel like a store at all (and isn’t really, all ordering is done online). It’s a beautiful space to design, process, and plan your next decorating project. There’s even an incredible outdoor space to swing in the shade or sit for a little lunch break.


Keep reading to see a peek at some items I’m eyeing for Henry and Edie’s room and a little more about my design consultation session with Kate!

Photography by Sara Albers



First Kate and I sat down and talked about some of the challenges of the space and the pieces I really wanted to keep. Like the huge white bookshelf, the midcentury dresser, and the vintage rocking chair I worked so hard to find. Besides that though, I was up for a lot of change. I knew the green rug had to go, as well as his full size bed. I put together a pinterest board on my laptop so we could look through some images from their current rooms, furniture pieces I had picked out or was planning on keeping, and other items I was eying.


We also talked about types of patterns and colors I was drawn to. We moved to the large work table and started pulling out different swatches of fabric I liked. Stripes, soft wool rugs, navy, polka dots, and particularly this fox sheet set were pulled out immediately.


I’ll leave our final picks for the big room reveal, but here are some inspiration items I was looking at from Serena & Lily. I love the combination of navy and red. Neither seems too feminine or masculine and there are so many combinations of the two I could play around with.

serena and lily-01


1. Striped twin sheet set
2. Mounted zebra
3. Polka dot crib sheet
4. Moroccan leather pouf
5. Color frame pillow
6. Brass floor lamp
7. Studio task lamp
8. Macramé wool rug
9. Crib bumper and matching crib skirt
10. Blue and white striped pillow
11. Railroad stripe quilt
12. Sailboat Mobile
13. Fox twin sheet set



I’m starting to work on the room right now, I can’t wait to share with it with you! I’m really excited about how it’s all coming together, but there’s lots and lots to do. Stay tuned…

Big thanks to Serena & Lily for working with us on this gender neutral room project! If you’re local, check out the gorgeous Design Shop on Sacramento Street now open.


really, really love getting a peek at what you’re planning, while getting a peek at the store at the same time! it’s going to be lovely!

I’ll be interested in hearing how the transition goes! Our daughter is only 1.5, but one day will hopefully have a sibling and they will have to share a room too (our spare room is our office and tiny). I worry about crying babies waking up the older child!

You know, I was nervous about the crying issue too but luckily Henry is a really really deep sleeper. The other night Henry was sleeping in our bedroom and Edie was crying a ton and he didn’t even wake up! I was shocked!

I love the idea of navy and red (although I just read an article about how red isn’t good for sleeping…). I also have a girl and a boy who will share a room some day, so I’m excited to see how your room turns out!

How is Henry doing with it? My kids are only 16 months apart, so they won’t know a time without the other (son-19 months, daughter-3 months). I could imagine it will be tough for Henry having to share his space!

Yeah, he’s kind of excited about it actually. Except for the fact that his lego collection has to be disrupted…

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