Trend Crush: Embroiderey Dresses

by fashion editor Ashley

embriodered dresses-01


There has been a lot of talk about dresses over here at ‘Say Yes’ lately (casual dresses for spring and nursing friendly dresses) but with Cinco De Mayo around the corner I just couldn’t resist doing a post about Mexican inspired dresses that I’m seeing everywhere. I love this look for many reasons, but mostly because they are so comfortable! I mean really they are just muumuu dresses with a little bit more decoration. Who wouldn’t want that? Perfect for spring and summer.

embriodered dresses-02

Most these dresses tend to be on the high side of the price scale, not my favorite option! But with a little searching I found some cheaper options on etsy (here, here, here and here) as well as a site that sales authentic dresses, including some kid options (here).

ONE / TWO (maternity! on sale for $59) / THREE / FOUR / FIVE / SIX (30% off now!) / SEVEN / EIGHT / NINE / TEN (main image)


Love a good boho dress. 🙂 They seem to come back into fashion every year, so I don’t mind paying a bit more for one that is really flattering.

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