Spring Essentials Part 2

By fashion editor Ashley



It’s been so nice to see the weather slowly changing and spring start to creep in. Two prints that scream spring to me are floral and gingham. Perfect for those long awaited spring activities… picnics, farmers markets, walks, etc. Another combo I love for spring are white and navy. Navy is a staple in my wardrobe and goes well with so many colors. Did you see part 1 of our spring essentials? Or Liz’s 12 essentials for your wardrobe?

clogs | shirtdress | skirt | top | bag | jacket (quilted trend crush!)| hat | pants | belt


Ah, my clog-loving friend! I love those too. Have had my eye on them. Have you seen the similar clogs at American Apparel? Price a little less, perhaps not quite as refined but lovely nonetheless. I had an American Eagle pair that has a composite heel but looked like these that I got for $7 and finally had to chuck them a couple of weeks ago because I’d totally worn them out. Need a new pair, favorites with skirts or pants. Great collection you’ve put together here.


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