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I’m excited to introduce the next stylish mom in our Secrets of Stylish Moms series. Liz writes a fantastic sewing blog, Cotton and Curls (I love the maxi wrap dress tutorial, gathered top and the DIY to make your jeans cigarette skinny). She was living here in San Francisco a couple summer ago going to fashion design school so I had the chance to get to know her and her two adorable boys a bit.  I still remember her telling me that black and white was the hot new color combo and I was like…pshaw. Well turns out she saw it coming far before I did. She’s that kind of friend that’s on top of trends before they’re even on the radar to anyone else. Here are her secrets for being a stylish mom (and her forecast for fashion trends!)…

The look:


Tell us about your style as a mom of two boys?

Being a mom is definitely a sacrifice in many areas of life (and yes, I love my children very much, but it is true) but one thing I will never sacrifice is my style! Three or so years ago I realized I was rotating through the same 10 knit tee shirts and a few pairs of worn out $10 jeans, because, well, running on zero hours of sleep while taking care of my colicky first baby doesn’t leave you much room to think about fashion. Honestly, I had really lost my style, and the feeling of looking hot! My life was a bit unbalanced. So I made it a goal to change. That was part of the reason I started to sew my own clothing, I discovered all over again my style, and you didn’t have to wear the same old same old to achieve being a successful mother. I started wearing things that I felt beautiful in even if my agenda that day was to chase my kids around and change poopy diapers. Yes, comfort is definitely priority, I try to put a spin on what is comfortable and safe to make it more stylish and fresh! Like in this photo above, though it is very simple and comfortable, it is fun! I incorporated some trends like the jean moto jacket and torn jeans, but added some comfort while slipping on some fun little chucks because we were park hopping that day. And after our little adventures and frisbee throwing, I popped on some cute heeled boots and lipstick to go out to dinner with family. I enjoy the mix of comfort and style so much more than I ever have, and now knowing how simple it really is, I won’t lose my style ever again.

What is one favorite piece in your wardrobe that is both practical for a mother and stylish?

I love my flat Sam Edelman petty boots, their black velvety suede vintage feel fancy up any outfit and they are very comfortable.

What would you consider your go-to ‘momiform’ to be?

When I’m in a hurry I usually grab a sweater (either the fitted metallic woven ones or the oversized ones), any of my skinny jeans, comfy heeled boots or my pointy ankle strap flats, moto jacket, and knowing my hair, probably a beanie or floppy wool hat.

How did going to fashion school help re-define your style?

Attending AAU for my Master’s in Fashion Design definitely helped me dig deeper into my love for fashion and have a greater grasp on my personal style as well as the clothing I wanted to design. I realized that your style is your own and very unique to you. You don’t need to think about what others will like and if they’re judging you, just be confident in who you and your style. You are only reflecting your personality and attitude. Before fashion school, I wore what I thought was cute and looked nice on me. But now, I really appreciate what my outfit says to the world and what it says about me. It became more of just a hobby, but a passion. I was at the time and still am, often surrounded by lovely very very expensively dressed ladies, and I have come to the realization that you don’t need a ton of money to dress like them, you can thrift and/or make own creations. Something that is one of a kind and very ME. You can be you’re own designer.

Two years ago you were the first to clue me into the trends of military boots and black/white. Can you tell us what wearable fashion trends you’re excited about now?

I love the sporty chic trend going on with the fun tennis shoes, bomber jackets, numbered tees and sweatshirts, side striped pants, and baseball hats. If you want, you can incorporate just one sporty element into an outfit and transform it instantly into casual and cool. And the best part, it’s perfect for moms that want to be trendy and comfy.


Thanks Liz! Isn’t she adorable? This image is from her DIY gathered top tutorial. Also she is really good at pulling off cool hats (I have good intentions but fail miserably at it)


Liz, don’t you have those same jeans? 🙂 Very cute outfit though—love the ease of converse!

What a great series idea! I love seeing real (non-Hollywood) moms who have their own sense of style. But more, you can really see her sense of self radiate through.

Yes for sporty fashion on the horizon! I love baseball hats too and I agree with the chucks. They’re the best!

I recognized her right away! I love how she can just transform the craziest looking things into something gorgeous! I love how tied into fashion even though she is so busy with her littles. A great example of how great fashion can be attainable for anyone!


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