Secrets of a Stylish Mom: Jane


Hi guys! We’re back with another Secrets of Stylish Moms, introducing the lovely Jane. Jane is a talented art director and graphic designer who has worked with beautiful magazines I drool over like Kinfolk. She lives in Texas with her two sons, Henry and Wayne (aren’t they adorable?). This is so funny to me because my Henry’s middle name is Wayne, ha! Anyway, welcome, Jane! Here’s everything about her cool tomboy mom style we need to know…

The look:

JACKET (similar) | TOP (similar) | BAG | PANTS | BOOTS

Tell us about this cool look!

So it would seem from the photos that I am a little obsessed with Madewell! I had no idea until I sat down to write down where all my pieces were from that it was really that bad of an obsession! I think I like buying clothes from there (especially during this season of my life) because their clothes are so versatile and classic. As a mom I have to keep a lot of things in mind when getting dressed in the morning: Can it get dirty? Can I nurse in it? Can I bend over and crawl on the ground? and last of all, am I going to feel cute even though I said yes to all three of the previous questions? My “go to pieces” right now are bigger looser shirts that are easy for nursing in (with a tank top underneath so my back and stomach are not hanging out while my shirt is up), skinny jeans, and a cute pair of boots or sandals. I think a good pair of short boots makes me feel more put together even when I’m totally falling apart. I’m really embracing this whole tom-boy style going on right now. It works with my lifestyle right now taking care of two active little boys.

What kind of fashion advice do you have for postpartum, in-between sizes new moms?
This is the second time I have gone through the whole “get pregnant, have a baby, and then slowly lose all of the weight” cycle. The second time around I’m not as worried about buying a bunch of things that fit my transitioning body. I know eventually the weight will come off, but right now is not the time to worry about it. A good pair of boyfriend jeans, some cute shoes and a couple of really nice stretchy tops like these ones will get you through those first six months of your babies life just fine! Don’t stress out about the weight, it will come off! and give yourself a break for being just a little bit bigger than you were before you got pregnant! Your body just did an amazing thing! and now you’re probably nursing… so theres that too! Tell yourself your awesome every time you look in the mirror! I know it can be hard but be nice to yourself, you really did just do an incredible thing!
Have you splurged on any item in your postpartum wardrobe?
After the first pregnancy I splurged on a really nice pair of boyfriend jeans from Anthropolige (similar). I liked how they fit my butt and waist. My skinny jeans from before didn’t fit me at all so I wore these comfortable slouchy jeans until my old pants fit me again. I wore them again this time. I also got a few bigger looser shirts in larger sizes to wear while I was pregnant, once I had the baby I just continued to wear them because they were easy to nurse in. This time around the only thing I splurged on was shoes! …oh that reminds me of one more thing: I gave away a few pairs of really cute shoes after the first pregnancy because my feet had “grown” and I read somewhere that they would never go back. Not true. My feet grew a half size and returned to normal both times. I guess other people’s feet might just stay larger… but my point is wait a while to get rid of anything for at least 6 months. You’ll be surprised at how much your body changes!

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Tell us about the tomboy style you’ve been loving lately? What favorite looks or pieces are you into? 

Ever since we have been married my husband has always told me he loves it when I just put on jeans and a t shirt. I never listened to him until I had 2 babies and getting all dressed up everyday just wasn’t an option any more. I started just throwing on comfortable jeans and the cutest T shirt I could find (usually an over sized striped shirt or a boxy cut black t shirt with a pocket on it) and some converse or vans. When he got home from work he wouldn’t shut up about how cute he thought I was. I started noticing more of this trend online and on Pinterest so I just really embraced it. Wearing some cut off jean shorts with tennis shoes and an oversized button up white shirt can be super sexy AND easy to chase kids around in all day. (and if you think a button up white shirt is not a good idea with kids just go to Old Navy and find one on clearance while they are offering 30% off and buy 2! You’re welcome!)  
Any word of advice for women struggling with body image after their pregnancy? (besides avoiding looking in the mirror?)
Aaaahhhh! This is the hardest part of the pregnancy I think. No one is running up to touch your belly anymore, you yourself don’t even want to touch your belly! No one is telling you how glowing you are and how great you look! All that ended when the baby was born and you started getting ZERO hours of sleep at night. Everyone tells you how beautiful your baby is and you just kinda start to feel like the washed up old has been on the side! haha! But seriously… Anyone who has just had a baby needs to remember that they just performed one of life’s greatest miracles! They are incredible and powerful and beautiful beyond words. 6 months later I still have baby weight, my boobs are HUGE (some women might love that but on my frame I think it just makes me look larger) and I look like I haven’t slept in months, because I really haven’t. But every time I look in the mirror I try to tell myself how amazing I am for creating another human! How lucky I am to be the mother of 2 healthy little boys! There are a lot of women who would gladly put on 100 extra pounds if it meant having a healthy baby.

When it’s time to start losing the baby weight go easy on yourself. It took you 9 months to put all of that weight on. You actually need even MORE calories while you are nursing than while you are pregnant – that is REALLY the time you are eating for 2. So your body just went through the ringer and if you’re nursing it still is. Give yourself a break. Tell yourself 1 nice thing everyday. And it doesn’t hurt to tell your significant other that you need to hear it from him too!


favorite sneaker:
favorite comfy boot:
the Barnwood boot from Madewell
favorite casual dress or skirt: heather blue jersey dress from the gap
old reliable pair of jeans: levis
favorite place to vacation: Southern California or Hawaii
band on permanent rotation in my spotify: Rilo Kiley
your go to accessory: assorted bracelets from all over the place
one item in your makeup bag you can’t live without: mascara 
color or black and white: yes


I know it is late to comment, but I was wondering if you could recommend a cheaper version of the Madewell #61 shirt. Thank you so much….this is a great post for a newly postpartum mom!

This outfit looks very much like my “uniform”, minus a statement necklace or bracelet! I like this series!

You are amazing! You look great. I am so thankful for you & for being such a great mommy to those sweet boys. Conor is so lucky to have you & we are so lucky to have you in our family!!!

Yay! I always admired Jane’s style so much in college and it makes me happy to see her here and with such great advice. I just had my first baby a month ago and really needed to hear her words of wisdom.

When I first saw this, I wanted to dismiss it as yet another blogger extolling the features of Madewell and leave it at that. But shame on me! Jane, thank you for all the kind words for post partum mothers. My son is just about 4 months old and frankly, I’ve been pretty harsh with myself (and I should know better, my daughter is 3). Your words were kind & supportive and I must say, you look great! Thanks again. Liz, great series!

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