Look for Less: Classic Casual

jcrew look for less

It’s nice to know that there are classic pieces that carry through the years and seasons pretty well… and this outfit is full of them (Cargo jacket, white pants, striped top and sandals with heels). You can’t go wrong when mixing these classics together. Trade the heels for sneakers to make this the perfect run around outfit for spring.

The Look: J.Crew
For Less: jacket (my favorite and a steal for less than $40!) | top | pants | shoe


I couldn’t resist that steal of a jacket. And I found a $10 off promo so it was even more of a steal! Thanks for the inspiration!

Love look for less posts! Quick question — what do you use to put them together graphically? Photoshop or is it like an app?

Thanks! I usually use Adobe illustrator or photoshop. That would be an awesome app tho! Someone should make one!

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