12 Nursing Friendly Dresses for Spring


A couple weeks ago I shared some favorite spring dresses and some of you (including myself) were interested in finding some nursing friendly versions so I’m sharing some of those today! I mentioned my nursing trick a few weeks back, but dresses are a whole other issue. On more than one occasion I’ve found myself wearing the wrong dress and had to scramble around to find somewhere totally private because I had no choice but to get undressed to feed my baby! So nursing friendly dresses are a must. No hooter hider can help here. Here are the options for nursing friendly dresses that we’ve found:

1.  Buttoned down the front. Some are more feminine with a defined waist and might not be a favorite for your postpartum body. However, boxy shirt dresses are really in style now and particularly perfect for postpartum bods.


2. Wrap style, which sometimes can feel too matronly to me but if it’s simple and the fabric is updated they are such a classic. The updated kimono version of a wrap is my favorite, especially in midi or even maxi form.

With these thoughts in mind, my fashion editor, Ashley, and I went on a serious hunt and found 12 favorites…

nursing friendly dresses

1.White maxi dress $97.99 (for a summer wedding, perhaps?)
2. Chambray shirt dress $98 (here’s another inexpensive alternative)
3. Polka dot dress $109.99 (love this one!)
4. Midi orange kimono wrap $75.26 (falls kind of low but I bet you could add a little pin)
5. Blue sleeveless shirtdress $89.50 (I have a version very similar to this that I love)
6.Black kimono $35.74 (this blue kimono one is pretty too, and the white for summer)
7. White shirt dress $96
8. Yellow poplin dress  $79.90 (love it! Also title image)
9. Coral wrap $141.11
10. Navy wrap dress $54.99 (classic ballerina wrap style)
11. Knit dot dress $69
12. Shirt dress $59.90

For myself I’m eying no. 3, 6 and 8. Do you have a favorite?


Hooray! I had just realized that none of my old dresses were working with nursing…this is a great shopping list 🙂

I actually recently bought #4 (the red Asos wrap dress), and beware–it looks NOTHING like that in person. It’s not nearly as flattering as I’d imagined and just all sort of frumpy. Such a bummer, since it’s so cute! 🙁

#3 is definitely my favorite…everything I’ve ever gotten from ModCloth has proved to be a winning number :).

Thank you for this! I’m nursing and have been sad that I can’t wear most of my dresses!

btw – Edie is adorable!

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