Trend Crush: Quilted

By fashion editor Ashley


The quilted look is one that is usually seen in colder months but I love the idea of mixing in quilted pieces with your spring wardrobe! These pieces pair great with lighter fabrics as well as your classic pieces… blue jeans, simple tees, etc. The best part is, you can find quilted pieces on any budget!


click through for the links…

1. quilted top (save) …this is the same top Stacie wore in our latest Stylish Moms post!
2. quilted watch (splurge)
3. quilted floral skirt (splurge)
4. quilted boot (splurge)
5. quilted golden backpack (save)
6. quilted jacket (save)
7. quilted clutch (save)
8. quilted polka dot skirt (save)


I’m in Europe and I have noticed so many women here wearing quilted jackets/coats! And, luckily for me, I am able to find them in the stores here. I will definitely be coming home with one.

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