Secrets of Stylish Moms: Stacie


Happy Tuesday, friends! We started a new series a couple weeks ago where we’ll be meeting some stylish moms and learn some of their secrets. Today we’re picking the brain and closet of Stacie, a photographer who also designs and sells gorgeous childrens clothes in her beautiful online shop, Loola….

The look:

 HAT | TOP | BRACELETS (Madewell) | JEANS (similar) | BOOTS (similar)

Welcome Stacie! Do tell us about your style as a mom

I got a good laugh when Liz asked me to be part of her “Secrets of Stylish Moms” column because to be honest, I’ve always been kind of a jeans-and-tee-shirt kinda girl. Thanks to that though, the transition of getting dressed ‘as a Mom’ has been pretty smooth. While shopping, I’m always on the hunt for “the perfect tee” (Everlane + Zara are top competitors!), and I love to make up for my somewhat basic wardrobe with plenty of shoe and accessory options. After spending a sandy morning at the park or a warm afternoon on the tramp, I like to throw my filthy tee in the hamper and upgrade to a blouse or sweater, retire my sneakers for some wedges, and throw on a fresh coat of lipstick and spritz of perfume before dinner time.

What advice would you give a new mom whose struggling to feel sexy again with her post baby body?
While I’m probably the last person on earth who should be passing out advice on this, my only two cents would be to go easy on yourself and set a realistic amount of time to feel ‘back to normal’. Your body just went through the ringer, so focus on comfort, practicality, and taking extra good care of yourself. If you’re able to, sneak out for a pedicure or go splurge on make-up or hair products, who says the only way to feel pretty is squeezing back into your skinny jeans?
What is one favorite piece in your wardrobe that is both practical for a mother and stylish?
One thing I probably couldn’t do without is my collection of jeans. Like I said, they can so easily transition from day to night and can hold up just fine against the every day tasks of being Mom. My favorite denim is a dark wash in either Madewells ‘Skinny Skinny jean’ or Urban Outfitters BDG Midrise Jean.
What would you consider your go-to ‘momiform’ to be? 
My every day uniform would probably be a good fitting pair of jeans, a slouchy tee that can be spilled or tugged on with no necessary trips to the dry cleaner afterward, and some high top Converse or booties that I can (literally) run around in.


I love everything about this outfit! And those Loola children’s tees…oh my gosh! I can’t wait to order!

I agree, her clothing shop is beautiful. Such effortless style too

Love this series and Stacie’s style (and her shop I’m a huge fan of). I agree a good pair of jeans is key! I’m a sucker for those cheap Forever21 jeans but I really should invest in a good Madewell pair. Also, love those boots!

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