15 Fab Finds Under $20 (For Littles!)


Hi guys! This week we’re switching things up a bit on our weekly Fab Finds series and featuring deals for kids, all under $20. Also, a note: I try to pick things that still seem to be stocked up pretty well but really there’s no way of telling and apologies if things occasionally sell out quickly or the prices change all of a sudden (I hate when that happens too!).

See more deals on our Fab Finds pinterest page!

1. Baby sweatpant trousers $16.90 (also in cream)
2. Animal sweater $7.99 (love this one and great deal!)
3. Pleated stripe dress $19.95
4. Cuffed graphic tee $6.99
5. Minnetonka baby booties $19.95 (+ 25% off currently)
6. Cuffed baby jeans $19.90 (in darker wash too)
7.Colorblock tee $19
8.Striped and floral pocket tee $7.90
9. Blue cardigan $19.90
10.Shawl sweater $20 (only baby sizes left)
11.Raglan pullover $11.99
12.2 pack footless tights $19.20
13.Flutter sleeve romper $9.90 (all sizes!)
14.Canvas baby ballet flats $16.94
15. Striped dinosaur sweatershirt $19.90

 In collaboration with fashion editor Ashley, graphics by Loren Croiser


Oh my goodness, all so precious. May or may not have grabbed a few things even though I’m engaged, not yet married, and def not yet pregnant…!

Just FYI, unless I am doing something wrong, the Minnetonka booties on the jcrew site are excluded from the extra 25% off sale, unfortunately. Still a deal though!

Love these! Thanks for sharing. It can be so hard finding cute baby boy clothes that aren’t over-priced!

Bah! How cute! Love it. The dinosaur sweater is so cute–my husband always said there isn’t enough ‘manly’ clothes for baby boys. I think he’d approve:)

These are adorable! Yes please for more fab finds for littles (especially boys – it’s hard to find cute baby boy clothes that aren’t cover in trucks)!

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